PLZ HELP!! what do you think about cercumsitions?

Puja - posted on 06/21/2010 ( 101 moms have responded )




i dont know if i want my baby to have a cercumsition... im hindu so we dont do that but in my boyfriends family they do. So im confused about what to do... people are telling me if i dont do this for my son he will never have a girlfriend, people will pick on him etc... and i dont want that so im just so confused.

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Sherry - posted on 06/21/2010




wait a minute wait a minute they're telling you WHAT? oh brother.

There is absolutely no medical reason to cercumsize a penis! none.. zilch... as a pediatrician they'll tell you the same thing.. Our pediatrician basicly said Jews or another religion normally dictates to curcomsize... but there's no medical evidence of anything..

my man is uncercumsized (not get a girlfriend?? that's a riot whoever told you that doesn't know what they're talking about!)

the only thing that MIGHT be a problem is if the babe isn't properly taught how to stretch the foreskin back and clean his penis properly when he's older.. the foreskin shouldn't actually clear the head of the penis until the babe is about 2 years old... between now and 2 and then it's like 2 minutes and a q-tip (I'm told) to properly clean...

some medical problems that might run in families:
1) forskin looses elastisity and doesn't clear the head properly (or clears then kinda stays above the "head")
2) infection (not cleaned properly-- usually after 2yrs)
or other medical problem that runs in families

whether he's got it or not really doesn't matter sweety.... my mom said something that I'll never forget "I know men who were cercumsized and who weren't.. I even know men who had it done on their own choice when they were 30-40 years old.... wether or not you have him cercumsized now or he decides to have it done later in his life makes no difference"

I can tell you right now.. whether he's cercumsised or not makes absolutely no difference whether he'll get a girlfriend-- it's not his dick that matters with a girlfriend it's how he conducts himself... in an intimate relationship it's how he uses what he's got and emotionally connect with his mate that matters... I don't know if he'll be picked on my man never was

we didn't opt for cercumsition... my son is uncut if he chooses to change that when he's older then he can change it on his own free will it will be his CHOICE (pending no medical problems but we're not dwelling on that)

Its a personal choice sweety but there is absolutely no medical reason in canada and the united states anyways to have a baby cercumsized. Men have gone throughout the ages without having it done and rumor has it that it can actually de-sensitize the penis making orgasm more difficult later. talk to your mom/ or dad about it.. might be awkward but they'll understand (hopefully if they're parents that you can talk to)

not sure if i helped any but know this.. not EVERYONE is cercumsized... you'll actually find that it's less common now then it was before..

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