PostPartum Bleeding.. Is this Normal?

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Hey Ladies. So I had my daughter 7 weeks ago today. She is my 1st baby. I know my doc told me it would be normal to bleed for at least 6 weeks, but Ive been bleeding bright red on & off for the past week or so. I know it was supposed to go from red to bright pink to brown to like yellow, & it did that but now its bright red. Its only enough to soak maybe 1 liner a day. Not enough for a pad. I got the depo shot the day I left the hospital, & I dont usually get my period while on Depo so Im wondering if this is my period, or just normal postpardum bleeding. Or abnormal bleeding. I havent resumed sex. Dont plan to as I am a single mom. But if the opportunity should present itself with this new "friend" I guess you could call him, would it be ok..?

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Yellow?!?! I think if it did turn yellow you'd most likely have an infection...
I bled for about 3 weeks then it seemed to slow then a week later it started again and sorry but this is gross...I was on the toilet having a poo and I felt this wierd jelly thing plop into the toilet. It was a lump of placenta. After that it slowly stopped bleeding. I had sex about 10 days after birth as here in the UK we are told we don't need to wait until our 8 week check to resume sex.

Tiffany - posted on 10/29/2010




I bled like a full blown period for 6 weeks. At my 6 week appt was the 1st time I had not bled at all. The got my iud put in, and bled for 3 months after that!!!!! And they said it was normal. (and all the research I done backed it up that it was infact normal) If that is normal, Id hate to see what abnormal is hahaha. But yesm this is normal for you to bleed this long. I only bled for 3 weeks with my 1st, so after 6 weeks with my 2nd I was wondering the same thing. As aggrivating as it is, it is normal.

Christy - posted on 10/29/2010




I bled off on on like that for 10 weeks after baby (both pregnancies, both c sections). If it's not gushing, you should be OK. Also your period may have come about, who knows. I would worry at the 3 month marker.

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