To circumsize or not?

Shana - posted on 02/10/2009 ( 754 moms have responded )




I am pregnant with my third child who is a boy (finally) and my husband does not want to circumsize him but I do. What is everyones' opinion on this and which would be better?

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Heather - posted on 02/10/2009




I would respectfully tell my husband that if he's the primary care giver for the child then he can make that choice, but since I am the one who will be changing most or all of baby's diapers then circumcision it is, simply because care is easier that way and mom's need all the breaks they can get :) I have yet to meet anyone who is circumcised and wishes he wasn't but I know plenty of guys on the OTHER side (NOT circumcised and wishes he were). Isn't it just crazy that it seems nothing is as simple now as it was before we were moms? :)

Joanne - posted on 02/10/2009




I have three boys' and got them circumsized and have never had a problem. I have an Aunt who's my age and they didn't get their boy done and they have had problems. Nothing life threatening. My Aunt does regret not doing it though. I also know a few men who weren't circumsized and had it done when they were older (for their own reason's) and they said it's quite painfull and wished they had it done as infants. My boys' had no problems healing nor did they need to be medicated for pain afterward.........that's just my story though. Hope it helped you abit.

Lori - posted on 02/10/2009




the better thing to do is to circusize. It helps out alot and there will be no worry about infection. If not cleaned properly under the forskin they can develope infections. There is nothing wrong with circumsizion. SO i would do a little research and then talk it over with the hubby. There are problems that can occur.

Erica - posted on 02/10/2009




I have multiple feelings on this...  As i work in the medical field and believe it is a practice of good hygiene to have baby boys circumsized.  I also have 3 brothers who were not circumsized and they are now 21 and 22 years old, when asked they will tell you they would have preferred to be circumsized.  Although it has not been proven if it is medically necessary to have a circumcision and many insurance companies will not pay for it, if i were you i would check into this with your insurance company. 


So either way good luck..

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