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Anissa - posted on 12/18/2008 ( 56 moms have responded )




I have both my side and my husband's side of the family close enough to spend some time with on Christmas.. I really want to let the little ones stay home and play with thier new Christmas toys..they are getting a train set (Thomas Wooden Railway). plus some other toys Iknowthey will want to play with.. what doyou all think? his side takes forever to open gifts and my side I just don't feel the need to go after the inexpensive things they give my kids.. Plus iI really don't feel like running. These people never come to my house when invited... not that I do it often...

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Elizabeth - posted on 12/19/2008




We meet with my husband's side of the family on Christmas eve and my family has all agreed to meet two days after Christmas. We have been married almost twenty five years and this works great for us.

Jessica - posted on 12/19/2008




We used to split the holiday, and it was awful. I felt like we never got any quality time anywhere, and I hated spending all that time in the car. We decided not to split anymore. We are going to see my husband's family on Christmas day (in the evening, for dinner) and that's it. This year we are celebrating Christmas with my family the weekend before. There have been other invitations to do things on the weekend and on Christmas Eve, and we have just politely declined. Christmas Eve is our time to go to church, and the rest of the time we want to spend relaxing, enjoying the free time with the kids (something we get so little of.)

Courtney - posted on 12/19/2008




Truthfully, We are opening gifts the day after Christmas, my daughter is 3 and won't know the difference plus she will get to stay home and play and have 3 straight days of gifts and family.

Betty-anne - posted on 12/19/2008




anissa as an older mother of 4 when they were young i had the same problem .we found that sitting down with both families and talking about what we wanted for our children at c-mas one that they could stay at home and not be drag away from their gifts and that children would have the day at home and we would visit everyone on boxing day this arrangement took some of the family a while to get used to but for 22 years it has worked fine now we have three gran daughters and their parents still agree that c-mas day is for them this year will be hard for all of us as one of the girls will be out of stste with her mother so for her we are having c-mas on sunday hope this helps with your question merry chrismas and happy new year to you and yours

Amie - posted on 12/18/2008




When I was little it was always my dad's family on Christmas eve at Grandma's, us only on Christmas day, and my mom's family on boxing day. For our families it worked as Christmas was more about spending time with family than the actual day.
For my hubby and I we host Christmas every year, for both sides. It makes for some hectic time for myself but once out of the entire year is forgivable in my eyes. The rest of the time we make the rounds for other holidays, alternating families for what we can fit in. It works for us and we have the room to fit everyone.

Cynthia - posted on 12/18/2008




We split up family time...on Christmas Eve we spend it with my family...have a good meal, attend Midnight mass...then on Christmas morning we wake up with the kids and open presents Santa has brought...then we head out to the inlaws in the late afternoon and spend the day relaxing..and enjoying their company..Pack up some of the trains and track to go..Thomas travels well...especially in a storage container with a handle...My son loves Thomas too...and we take him everywhere..

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