Working odd hours, will my kids hate me for it?

Julia - posted on 02/01/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am a mom of four and will be working odd hours. I am scared that my kids are going to feel abandoned. My husband will be home with them when I am not, but my hours are going to be from 3-11pm Monday-Friday. I have always worked but I have never had to have hours like this. I am used to making dinner every night and being with the kids. I know I can make things before I go to work, but I will be losing time with my kids. They will be in school and I will be off to work by the time they get home. They only valuable time I will have with them is in the mornings and on the weekends. Please help. Will my kids be okay? Will they not want me anymore?

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Julia - posted on 02/01/2012




Thank you! I am not planning on having these hours for a long time and where I am going to be working is in the process of going from five days a week to four days. I was thinking the same thing, I can go to their school in the mornings or early afternoons and volunteer that way they will be seeing me more often. I am also planning on waking them up about an half hour earlier in the mornings just so we can sit and talk and cuddle for a little while. I appreciate your responses.

Amy - posted on 02/01/2012




I don't know how old your kids are but I work retail my husband works nights so we've managed to make it work for our family. One of the great things about working the shift you are going to be working if your kids are young enough you can volunteer to help out in the classroom. Also since you will be home during the day without kids you will be able to keep the laundry and house clean so weekends can really be about spending time with them! It's definitely going to be an adjustment but make the most of what time you do have with them. Maybe give them a ride to school instead of putting them on the bus that way you get a little more time with them, and if they are anything like my son in the car is when he talks the most so I actually find out what's going on in his life.

Iridescent - posted on 02/01/2012




They'll likely miss you a lot. It will be hard, and might not be a good long term arrangement. Try to find ways to make sure they know you are still part of their lives and there for them, even if it's just calling during a meal break and seeing them in mornings. I hope it goes well for you.

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