Uncircumcised 3 year old

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My son has been complaining about his "peedoo" hurting. I've been trying to pull the skin back to clean it but it only goes a little way. He then screams and wriggles away from me. I know I need to pull it back further but I don't want to torture my son. It's not red or infected, but I'm afraid it'll end up that way soon if I don't find a way to clean him. I'm not experienced at all with this and daddy's no help.


Alicia - posted on 09/16/2011




you don't need clean it and some boys cannot retract their foreskin till they are much older like 13 or so. I have read that usually by age 5 it will retract all the way and then you can think about cleaning it. Until then I would leave it alone.

Nes - posted on 05/17/2013




My son is 3 years old as well. I never pulled back the skin and turns out you should. If not most cases an infection could occur. He would tell me it would hurt him and last Monday I took him to the doctor because in his urine he had blood. The doctor told me its due to him no being circumcised and skin isn't bulled back enough for the head to be seen. He was diagnosed with an infection (can't remember the name) but eventually nothing major. However I have to leave him in water for a couple of minutes and then softly pull his skin back. It will hurt him,but it's better that way or else he will need to be circumcised. Point being, you should go to his pediatrician and have him checked:) better safe than sorry.

User - posted on 05/29/2012




NEVER EVER EVER pull back the foreskin if your son is not circumcised!!! It can cause adhesions, etc. and it is common knowledge to NOT do so :) I have done a lot of research, talked with a lot of doctors and mothers about this issue. My son is not circumcised either. Find a good doctor that knows you should not pull back the foreskin on an uncircumcised penis. There is no need to clean it, the penis get perfectly clean when taking baths.

Melissa - posted on 08/15/2010




Ive been told NOT to pull back your sons foreskin as it is stuck there during the early years to prevent infection. My dr told me to encourage my 3 sons to gently pull back their own foreskins only they do it as they know how far it goes back without hurting and to get them to do it in the bath or shower with mild soap each night . This way it will naturally retract with time, never force it back yourself it does more damage then good! I have 3 boys and they are all intact and fine by following this method. These forums are great for support and advice but some things are best to seek help from a proffessional. Check with a dr. Hope this helps :)

Aniesha - posted on 12/09/2011




My Mum told me not to pull my son's back, it will just happen by itself. Sometimes around age 5, 8, or older.


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Christi Renee - posted on 03/30/2014




ok these post are confusing. i have been told to pull the skin back sence he was born an i have. an for a year or so he has complained an screamed his head off an wont let me touch it an he wont touch it. i have never pushed too hard or anything. now i don't know what to do. i think i should look into getting him circumcised.

Elsa - posted on 08/20/2012




I have the same problem and my boy is 3 years old. I was also told to pull back his foreskin and clean it since he was a baby but I did not do it. Now I wonder If I made a mistake. He keeps grabbing his penis. But he doesn't tell me it hurts but I am afraid to get to that point. I keep reading reviews on this site that say to leave it alone. I believe that I am going to do that.

On the other hand when my son was 2 he also told me his penis hurt when he urinated. I diagnosed him myself and decided that he had UTI so I looked up home remedies. I gave him baking soda with 7Up in a toddler cup all day and helped encourage him to drink it. I made sure that it tastes more like 7Up then bakin soda. The next day he was fine. If the penis itself is red or looks irritated I do recommend you take him to a peditrician.

Kat - posted on 08/04/2010




Talk to your pediatrician. My son's father has always said to pull back the foreskin so it doesn't close up. I read somewhere (I'm sorry I can't remember where) that it doesn't matter or make any difference if you pull it back. Take him to the doctor and explain the problem ASAP. Better to be safe than sorry, and either way, if there's no visible irritation and it hurts even when it's not being cleaned, then it should definitely be checked out.

Jessica - posted on 05/11/2010




i would speak to his dr no matter what im not experienced w. uncircumsized boys cuz both of mine r but if it was me i'd call the dr

Dianne - posted on 04/29/2010




It's important to talk to your Pediatrician or health care provider. Pull the foreskin back,"gently" It needs to loosen, and the goal is to be able to pull it back all the way over the head, for cleaning.
If he is complaining that it hurts only when you clean it, that's not such a problem. If he complains when not cleaning, then call your Dr.

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