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Please do your research, I have been scammed more times. Make sure you check the BBB, look at the companies history, complaints. Be careful of opporunities that say get rich quick, only $39 gets you started today, stuffing envelopes, in fact I just feel for the google ads thingy, trust me that a bust. If direct sales is not what you are looking for, or Network marketing, then you need to look at starting your own business from home. Daycares are a great business from home. But other option are bookkeeping, your own newpaper thing (this would be a classified type thing, people pay you to advertise in this, make it free for people to pick up but offer subscriptions), sweet shop, baking, catering, housekeeping, pet sitting, Most of these business can be started with $100, or less, with flyer, business cards, few supplies, and a one page business/marketing plan. All look in our area for things that are needed. Maybe a night time daycare is needed, how about cooking meals for people to freeze, personal shopper, tutots, turn your hobby into a job.

In other words, research before you jump into, and make sure you are doing something that is needed. Big areas give you more choices.

I hope that I was able to help, I just want people to know that you can work from home, if your willing to put some time and effort into it, oh and believe it or not, Money.

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Hi, we here at Prosperity & Vision Nassau, Bahamas are looking for more international agents. If you believe that this fits into your time and you can do this by all means reply to . We are seeking for individuals worldwide that are willing to contact businesses and obtain a signed agreement granting Fun In The Bahamas the right to advertise their information in our game and international radio and televise game show, being shown in hotels worldwide. Starting in 10 languages to be viewed in 10 countries.

Fun In The Bahamas is a fun educational and entertainment learning game copyrighted and patented as a game board and a televise and radio game show.

Fun In The Bahamas Copyrighted & Patented 1989 Nassau, Bahamas Under the Berne Convention
For The Protection of Literal And Artistic Works. Article 8 and 9 grants copyright holder the right of reproduction and translation in all 166 signed convention countries thus far.

All signed business places will have one week’s notice as to the station and time the show will be aired. You will also be informed of the hotel, state, address and date which the show will be held. It is understood that shows will be throughout the United States and worldwide and all seasons finally shows will be held in Nassau/ Paradise Island, Bahamas.

For Businesses
By signing you state that you are either the business owner or representative and have the authority to sign on behalf of the company. You also understand that you give Fun In The Bahamas the right to advertise your business in our game show and game board and understand that you have granted us permission to make questions and answers pertaining to your business and have them used in Fun In The Bahamas game show and game board. However it is understood that Fun In The Bahamas will update our information as we see fit proposed yearly and your information printed in game board and used in game show are permanent and your questions can be used at any time in each game show.
All spots are $1000
Fun In The Bahamas Game Categories 35 Total

Sports Tourism Churches Personalities Literature Fishing Hospitals Travel Marine Life
Places of Interest Events Entertainment Foods Animals Religion Holidays History Geography
Law Hotels Insects Music Government Family Islands Mathematics Clinics Flowers
Politics Pot Luck Bush Medicine Plants Farming Schools International

After business representative has signed and returned form to to employee, employee is obligated to forward signed email agreement back to Fun In The Bahamas main office in Nassau, Bahamas for authorization signature by Inventor Bishop James Alexander Darling or Joshua Matthias James Alexander Darling then returned to business and payment can be sent. You as a an agent understand that is a commission based job and your commission is $200 per signed business. If you refer us an agent you are entitled to $100 from that agent's first signed business sale. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.

We do not limit you to advertising and i will personally assist should you need it. Current payment options are PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer and Money orders.

It all depends on you, if you can get five signed businesses out of thousands where ever you are then you've earned $1,000 plus and additional $100 guaranteed if you get and from your referrals first sale.

We are a group of developers that develop inventions and ideas into products for manufacturing and we have 22 copyrighted and patented inventions plus others ranging from books, games, music security products, consumer and industrial products, a new concept of producing electricity currently at 108 volts and the list goes on.

If any concerns feel free to respond we're really here to help.

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