Is it possible to work from home or they are all scams?

Gertrude - posted on 05/18/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hello to you mothers,
I am a young mother, 20years old, and I'm not going to school because I have financial problems right now and I'm looking for a job to pay my debts and also to spoil my daughter and myself.
I search the internet for a''fast''way of making money. But I only see ads that are scams.
Is there a true way to work from home or just the old way of going to work every day ? I live in Montreal, Qc, Canada
(sorry i post it at thewrongplace first)

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I know this is an older post, but I wanted to add my 2 cents.
There are many legitimate work from home jobs but the hard part is weeding out the scams from the legitimate opportunities.
The #1 rule is if it is a "get rich quick" or "easy way to get rich", you would run away as fast as you can.
Legitimate work is just that - Work.
Working from home can be very rewarding as long as you have done your research and determined that it is a legitimate business and that it is what you really want to do.

Caroline - posted on 06/11/2012




I am looking for 5 motivated, purpose driven people this month who I can train to build an International business like I have from home.
I am with an 18 year old global home-based business in the exploding industry which has over 1 million associates & growing, 70 patents, easy duplicable system in 20 countries including USA & Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, no deliveries, work around your own families commitments, full training, travel holiday incentives to be won, a rewarding business that makes a difference in other people's lives.... As well as your own.
I began this business 14 yrs ago when my disabled daughter was 2 yrs old and had very little money.

Bella - posted on 05/25/2011




Hi Gertrude, I have 3 businesses, one is completely free always, They are all 3 in the U.S. and Canada. Many moms work from home with us!

Katrina - posted on 05/24/2011




Hi Gertrude,
I recently started working from home. Its not a get rich scam, and it does require effort, on the flip side, my friend who works for this company makes enough money to support their family & her husband no longer works outside the home, but helps her out. It is possible, but your not going to make $1000 overnight. Btw, this company is based in USA, but is international

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