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Cathy - posted on 05/06/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am just curious as to how many Mums take some time out for themselves. if you are lucky enough to be able to or even if you just dream about it...How would you spend your "me time"?

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Cathy - posted on 05/09/2009




Hi Tami.

Wow! Sounds like you live in an ideal location..Gods country and on your parents property. Great when you you can count on inlaws for support.

I think my time out at the moment is when I leave baby here to do the grocerie shopping. I think I need look at my Time managment..Lol. It is difficult as we run an accomodation bussiness so am interrupted constantly weather it be play time with the children, feeding time with the 4 month old or dinner time with the family..I think when I wrote this I was starting to fizzle...I wish I had a bath tub, i really miss my time outs in the bath. But look I have so many wonderful things to be greatful for so my time out will arrive when it comes. Lol I will put aside 1 hour a day for myself now I think though.Give me time to regroup. I would love to put something into the community but just feel the time is not quite right just yet..Nee to focus on the family, then the bussiness first and foremost then I hope some time out will for holidays will eventually come our way.

Tami - posted on 05/07/2009




I wish I had more time to myself. I chose to stay at home with the kids. I have a two year old and an 8 month old. Both boys. My husband lost his job where we own our house and he could only find work up North Wisconsin. So, we moved. I went from making a great great income that I worked hard to get, to staying at home... It took a lot of adjustment. We moved in January, so it was winter. It was really really hard to move where we are temporarily living in a cabin until our house sells and we catch up from the time between jobs financially... We couldn't be happier now, though. It is the small stuff. We have absolutely everything we need. We are however, itching to get a place up here... We live on a lake, so there are many things for the kids and myself to stay busy. One way I like to take time out... We have a pier right out our front door. I just turn on the monitor while the kids are napping and take time out for myself. I really live in God's Country and am living my all time dream. To stay at home watching the kids while they are young and do my artwork in a beautiful scenery.

As for taking time out for myself? I do live on my mother-in-law's property and she knows that I need breaks. I never ever had that when I was back in my old house. When I had kids, I lost many friends that couldn't relate. And, I think my mind was so preoccupied with baby news and baby talk that I forgot how to be myself. Really, I forgot who I was. I finally feel like that is coming back to me.

So, I get ME time by doing what I love... My art and I read books (that helps stay connected with the outside world)... I wish I took more time though. I want to start to get involved in my church... Great babysitters and time out for me while doing something good for others and getting your refill on spirituality. Not only that, but talking to an adult...

What about you?

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