I am looking for an opportuntity to work from home.

Sasha - posted on 02/27/2010 ( 161 moms have responded )




Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could look for something that is not a scam and costs little or no money?

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Danii - posted on 06/19/2013




hey sasha my name is danii i started with an amazing company and my business is expanding rapidly would be up your street have a look at the website and get back to me...


there is a video on left hand side

Jade - posted on 06/15/2013





As you can see, there are tons and tons of people responding to your post and most of them appear a bit... well spammy. I work for Ameriplan and absolutely love it. I think it's great for any woman who wants to be a SAHM because you can make a great income and pick your hours so you can work around naps and when your hubby is home to watch the kids-- although I'm sure many of the other women on here are offering something similar.

If you'd like to learn more about Ameriplan, I'd love to share with you about it!! Feel free to email at jadedavis6389@yahoo.com

Jade - posted on 06/15/2013





It seems that there are so many people that have answered your question with (what appears to me to be) scams. I wonder if you are still looking. If you are, I would love to talk to you and give you my own insight on finding a work-from-home position and if you are not then I would love to hear what you found success with.

Sonja - posted on 05/24/2013




watch this Video clip and comment

I would like to share more with you if you find interest.


Shindu Sharrieff - posted on 05/23/2013




HI My Name is Shindu Brown and I am a Work at Home Consultant. at Labella Baskets. and This is The Best Opportunity I Have Ever Heard of Saling Baskets for Birthdays and Holidays, Anniversary's ect The List Goes on So if anyone Looking for a Real Work at Home Visit http://www.shindu.labellabaskets.com

Joshua M J A - posted on 05/15/2013




Hi, we here at Prosperity & Vision Nassau, Bahamas are looking for more international agents. If you believe that this fits into your time and you can do this by all means reply to prosperity.n.vision@gmail.com . We are seeking for individuals that are willing to contact businesses and obtain a signed agreement granting Fun In The Bahamas the right to advertise their information in our game and international radio and televise game show, being shown in hotels worldwide. Starting in 10 languages to be viewed in 10 countries.

Fun In The Bahamas is a fun educational and entertainment learning game copyrighted and patented as a game board and a televise and radio game show.

Fun In The Bahamas Copyrighted & Patented 1989 Nassau, Bahamas Under the Berne Convention
For The Protection of Literal And Artistic Works. Article 8 and 9 grants copyright holder the right of reproduction and translation in all 166 signed convention countries thus far.

All signed business places will have one week’s notice as to the station and time the show will be aired. You will also be informed of the hotel, state, address and date which the show will be held. It is understood that shows will be throughout the United States and worldwide and all seasons finally shows will be held in Nassau/ Paradise Island, Bahamas.

For Businesses
By signing you state that you are either the business owner or representative and have the authority to sign on behalf of the company. You also understand that you give Fun In The Bahamas the right to advertise your business in our game show and game board and understand that you have granted us permission to make questions and answers pertaining to your business and have them used in Fun In The Bahamas game show and game board. However it is understood that Fun In The Bahamas will update our information as we see fit proposed yearly and your information printed in game board and used in game show are permanent and your questions can be used at any time in each game show.
All spots are $1000
Fun In The Bahamas Game Categories 35 Total

Sports Tourism Churches Personalities Literature Fishing Hospitals Travel Marine Life
Places of Interest Events Entertainment Foods Animals Religion Holidays History Geography
Law Hotels Insects Music Government Family Islands Mathematics Clinics Flowers
Politics Pot Luck Bush Medicine Plants Farming Schools International

After business representative has signed and returned form to to employee, employee is obligated to forward signed email agreement back to Fun In The Bahamas main office in Nassau, Bahamas for authorization signature by Inventor Bishop James Alexander Darling or Joshua Matthias James Alexander Darling then returned to business and payment can be sent. You as a an agent understand that is a commission based job and your commission is $200 per signed business. If you refer us an agent you are entitled to $100 from that agent's first signed business sale. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.

Sallysells - posted on 05/15/2013




Residual Income is the way to go our products speak for themselves if you are interested please let me know. The products we carry range from make-up cleaning supplies, house hold items, and so on. The products are green they don't have harsh chemicals either. They are safe if your child or pet drinks it by accident we also have weight loss products and vitamins that are top of the line and will only be found here my information is 2088606053 we are and international company and have been around since 1985 and have won many awards!

Rita - posted on 04/26/2013




I have been working this Business since 4-3-12. I absolutely love it. We have just 3 natural products and a diet kit. If you know anyone who has any health issues such as Blood Pressure, Diabetic, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Circulation, Inflammation, Migraines Digestion, Anxiety, Arthritis, Stress, Depression, Heart Disease, Colon, Memory, and the list goes on and on. My health was extremely bad when I started taking these products and I now feel better then I have in 18 years. I'm diabetic, blood sugar was running over 300. I was on 3 glyburide prescription pills a day, I now take a 1/2 pill a day. I have fibromyalgia, and the pain was so bad. I was taking 1600 mg Ibuprofen every 4 hours. My pain level now is at least 80% better and I take 400 mg Ibuprofen rarely. I had diarrhea, 4-5 times a day, and now I have regular bowl movements. I was sick all the time. When I went to bed, I would lay there for 1-2 hours before I could go to sleep and I would wake up at least 12 times a night. I now go to sleep as soon as I hit the pillow and I wake up once, sometimes twice to go to the bathroom and as soon as my head hits the pillow, I am back asleep. Amazing. I never dreamed these products would work like that, but they honestly do. This is a MLM business, and they have just started what they call a quad program and you don't even have to sell the product. All you have to do is find 4 people to sign up under you and then help them get 4 people signed up, then that 4 finds 4 and it keeps going. This business has gotten so much easier, plus they have reduced the price considerably to help you get your own business started. In fact it is so affordable to get started and you will earn most if not all of it back in the first month. You don't have to stock product, you get 2 websites for your customers to order from. Again you don't have to stock product but you will find yourself telling all your friends how much these products can change their lives, they will want to order ASAP. You will have more energy then you have had in a long time. All products have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I have never had anybody return their products. Everybody loves them. Our products come in powder form and you just add to a bottle of water and drink all day long, like you would drink a glass of ice tea. Taste is a berry flavor and is very good. The company is debt free and will be around for a long time to come. You are paid weekly through Paypal. I promise I will stand beside you and help you all the way. The best thing about this company is you can even call the co-founder or the district vice presidents, any time you have questions or even do a 3 way call. You also have the opportunity to win trips, and a Mercede's Benz, work your way up the ladder and earn health insurance as well. Believe me you won't be disappointed with this company. Can't wait to talk to you. My name is Rita Sale. For more information please email me with your phone number at ritasale@rocketmail.com or call me at 573-598-4337 and I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for considering our opportunity.

Reggie Dion - posted on 04/24/2013




I am an independent distributor with Organo Gold. NO I am not a mom, I am a college student hoping to get the word out about what is going on here. Imagine making money by selling coffee?? I know you moms out there know someone or multiple people who love to drink coffee. Well I am not here to give a full explanation of the business because I do not want to discourage anyone or encourage anyone over one message. However; if you are interested in becoming a distributor, message me or email me at silverblackrb7@aim.com.

Kristi M - posted on 04/20/2013




I would like to invite you to consider a business opportunity, in which you could make over $5000 in your first 4-8 weeks. Then the possibility of continuing to make that or more every month there after. Like with beginning any business, there is a ONE TIME investment fee, for this business, it is a small fee in the grand scheme of things. $315. If you have PayPal, you may be able to use the Bill Me Later option and you will not have to pay anything for 6months! In exchange for your $315, you get a substantial and growing e-library , it's a $1700 dollar value for a $315 initial investment. You will also receive Skyskraper, which is an enhanced form of Skype. To build your business you will only need to find TWO people to join your team and if you will need help finding two people, leads will be provided.! you will receive $300 of your initial investment back almost immediately, if you work the business. After adding your two team members, you can choose to help them find there two, It's a team effort.My friend Jamie has been doing this business for about a week, he already made his $300 back. A Pastor that I know has been doing it for 4 months, and has already has made $65000. If you are interested please contact me at kristimreed@hotmail.com

Karla - posted on 04/11/2013




So advanced that it is lightyears ahead
of anything you have ever seen.

1. 100% Direct Member-To-Member Pay
2. No waiting to cycle to get paid
3. Mobile APPs and Internal Banner Ad system
4. No Admin Fee to start
5. Low, affordable entry
6. Get notified by email, TXT and/or
phone when you are due to be paid and cycle!
7. Affordable entry for everyone.
8. Levels $25/$50/$100/$200 & upgrade from profits.
9. Support of 14 year internet giant
10. Spillover, Follow Sponsor, Team Sales and
Verticle Acceleration all help in cycling.
11. Lead capture page, responder system included.

I could go on but you get the point.

Go to http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/ehtelca for details.

The key is its simplicity.

karla perez

Pam - posted on 04/11/2013




Hi, I am involved with a new exciting MLM that I had not ever heard about before. It gives you a way to earn extra income from home on a full or part time basis, setting your own hours. It is a home based business marketing the essential services people need and use every day, while earning lasting residual income. Things that we use every sing day, home phones, local and long distance services, television, internet, cell phones, security, ....Message me if you want to know more.

Janay - posted on 04/10/2013




Hi Sasha,

I am an independent business owner with AmeriPlan. AmeriPlan is the #1 discount health and dental company in the U.S. We also have an A+ rating with the BBB. AmeriPlan also provides its IBO's with wonderful discount benefit packages. The start up cost is minimal compared to many other stay-at-home jobs. Please check out my website at freedomathometeam.com/Rodden. Give me a call at 1-888-820-7646 or email me at jtrodden@icloud.com.

Yamesha - posted on 04/07/2013




Yes the company i work for would be perfect for you it is only $40 to start and you can be making $1000 paycheck EVERY WEEK WITH MCA! I'm an home associate for this company called MCA (MOTOR CLUB OF AMERICA) they are similar to triple A but like 10 times better. As a member/associate you get your normal roadside assistance and many more benefits including dental,vision,and prescription discounts. What my job is to basically get the word out about MCA kind of like promoting it, in which there are many ways of doing that. Its $40($19.95 for your first&last month) to join MCA and for every person you get to join under you MCA pays you $80 per person!! We as associates are paid every Friday either check or direct deposit. Its a great way to make extra money that adds up fast. You could actually do it part or full time too and replace the job you already have. MCA would basically be paying you for bringing them more members, i send you my exact routine to start making money. So if your interested in joining my team let me know if your down! email me at yameshadavis@yahoo.com and i will get you started!!

Dominque - posted on 04/07/2013




MAKE MONEY ONLINE TODAY! Don’t waste another minute!


Don't waste another minute!

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Learn more here ..

Madeline - posted on 03/28/2013




I have my own home business in the Health and Wellness Industry. All natural products for body health and home health. We have been around for over 25 years and are in 15 countries. We have won numerous awards for our business practices and customer satisfaction. We are A+ rated by the BBB. We have direct to your door delivery, shopping online. If you prefer to shop with us you will get wholesale prices, free products and loyalty shopping rewards. We also offer you the opportunity to own your at home business. We provide all the training and I work with you one on one, plus you will become part of a great team. This is a wonderful job that allows me to choose my own hours and you can too, work full or part time and earn a reliable income month after month. Right now to become a preferred customer and or own your own business it is only $1.00, regularly it is $29.00 and that is for a years membership. This is all at no risk to you as we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you're not happy then we will refund your $1.00. OUR PROMO FOR $1.00 IS ONLY VALID UNTIL MARCH 31/13 so don't wait email me now to find out how you can view our live online webcast to learn all the facts.

If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme you won't find it here. If you would like to secure your financial future, you owe it to yourself to take a look at what we have to offer.

Madeline at livinghealthy@live.com or homebizsuccess@outlook.com

Sujey - posted on 03/26/2013




Hey. I started an online boutique about a week ago.. I kept trying to find a job to do online so that I could stay at home with my newborn daughter. I forgot how I came across it, but through a job search site i came across the opportunity to open up my own online store with kitsylane. The best thing about it is that it is free. I am working on advertising it right now but I am so excited. It Chas been really fun to promote. they provide webinar trainings, free website and i get to chose 300 items for my inventory. so you make your shop your own. It is based off commission. 10-25%. I guess it is like Avon but ONLINE jewelry. Prices vary because some things might be gold, silver, pearls ect. But yeah, i named it Eleanor after my daughter (her middle name)

Here is my website! please check it out. you have nothing to lose honestly because it is free.


Summer - posted on 03/26/2013




I have been selling paparazzi jewlery for about 6 weeks and it is going great I can make money anytime I want to its awesome and u can get your whole starter kit for $300 and it sells itself because its only $5 each you can not beat it and people want this jewlery try it and see paparazzi accessories.com/15220

Lena - posted on 03/19/2013




Hello! My husband and I just got started in this really cool new business. It is called Rocket Cash Cycler and it is amazing! We signed up three weeks ago and we have made $1300. This business is a one time fee of $315 and you are buying online products. They are a couple online marketing products and then my favorite is the 160 online books and audio books. What you do then is recruit two people to sign under you, and those two find two and you will be on your way to making some extra money! We live here in North Idaho where work is not found easy so this has been a blessing! It is easy and fun. This company is growing fast. The website is www.rocketcashcycler.com and facebook is West Rocketcash. You can email me with any questions and to join.


Shannon - posted on 03/14/2013




Hi Sasha. I understand about the scam thing. I checked out several opportunities to work
from home, and finally found a legit place. If you are interested, check out this link.


Good luck, it worked for me, and it will work for you too!


Rubi - posted on 03/13/2013




100% Commission + Residuals and 50% of the whole check of your members under you.
- Collect 100% in residual commissions.
- Collect 50% of your total referrals, sales.
Let's say the 5 people you bring in, their
combined sales total $5000. YOU will collect 50% of this-
$2500. On top of your regular commissions earned.
Real products, real services, that are backed by a 12 year
old company!
This will save you money, and will explode your bank
account with the huge profits that you can generate from this
NEW robust system.

Click below to check it all out! You will be glad that you


Let's say the 5 people you bring in, their
combined sales total $5000. YOU will collect 50% of this-
$2500. On top of your regular commissions earned.

The more money you make the more I make, if you make $1000
as example, I make $500 from your efforts!!

And if one of my other referrals makes $1000 I get a $500 dollar
50% matching bonus check again (every month by the way, not one time)

So if I made even only $200, I am still going to get $1200 that month
from other people's efforts!


Tommie - posted on 03/01/2013




I recently became an independent business owner with an awesome health discount benefits company named, AmeriPlan. This company is extremely reputable and been in business for 20 years. They are even members of the US Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Dental Plans, and the Consumer Health Alliance. I am very excited and blessed to be a part of this company.

Because I care about you, I wanted you to be aware of what I am doing. Just in case this is something that could help you and your family to save money and/or make money, if you are looking to work from home.

I get to help people save money with huge discounts on: Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic care. We even cover hospital visits!

Our discounts allow people to save up to 80% off the fees that they would normally pay on the services above! It is awesome and it really works.

I just wanted to let you know what I am doing in case this is a service that you are in need of. I wouldn't want you to pay full price if you don't have to.

If you're not interested, would you mind to share this with anyone that you feel could benefit from it. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

If you are interested in working from home, you can become an AmeriPlan work-at-home independent business owner, like me. Because we are not an insurance company, you do not have to have a license to work at home. It is fun to help people and we get paid very well. Just let me know if you're interested, and I'll tell you more about it.

Tommie moquin

Sherri - posted on 02/17/2013




hi ladie!!! Don't let this oppurtunity pass up everyone!! You have nothing to lose! This business is amazing and you get paid every day! no cost to start :) We have full training and support 24/7. You can start making money immediately. Please click my site to get started on this great life changing experience! www.sbaldwin10.ws message me if you have questions!

BJ - posted on 12/26/2012




Here is a new site that offers services like ebay, business reviews, and job listings for only $1 a month and the benefits are a residual income! By helping the site grow you will earn for each person you introduce to the site! It is a win win situation for everyone involved! If you use ebay and business review sites then this is for you! If you want to earn an income then this is for you!! Please visit the site and remember to use my id 1219 when you sign up!

Use member id 1219 when signing up!

Another free source of income is

Use it, share it, and earn from it!!
Helping each other out is what it is all about!

Taylor - posted on 11/23/2012




Work at home, All you have to do is sign up for the site, complete an offer for 1 full credit (right now there are a few that cost $0!) and after that, you're on your way! You get paid $20 per referral and get them to do the same thing under your account. you will need a paypal and credit card to get started. the credit card will only be for the trial offer that you choose. With the offers that you sign up for, make sure to cancel them before the end of the trial if you do not want to be charged, or maybe you'll want to keep them..who knows?! Just read everything carefully! here's the link, enter your email at the bottom of the page and complete your offer!


any questions, feel free to ask!

Lisa - posted on 11/23/2012




Hi, I do Organo Gold Coffee in my spare time. They are a real work at home business which means they send you a 1099 for your taxes. They keep up with everything you buy for your business then you just add your deductions up at the end of the year. With your sign up you also get a years worth of a personal website to send your customers. Questions to see if its for you: Do you or anyone you know drink coffee or hot tea at least occasionally? Do you drink it black or with cream? What brand do you drink? When was the last time that brand sent you a check for using their product or sharing it with others?

Check out the video at http://www.ogshow.com

Then check out the website we get when we sign up.

http:// www.lbuhl.organogold.com

Taylor - posted on 11/20/2012




I am just starting out working from home,

it costs less than $20, sometimes $15 depending on what offers YOU choose to get started!

After that, all you need is your own referrals, you will get paid for each of them.

All you need is a credit/bank card!

help me get started and I'll help you!

follow this link, put your email in at the bottom, get your 1 full credit and get back to me.

the first step can be free if you choose the right offer.


Jade - posted on 10/09/2012




After having 3 kids in 3 years-- I was desperately looking for a pick-me-up! My goals-- get my confidence back and help my hubby out bringing in some extra money- all while staying home with my 2 and a half, one and a half and 3 month old.

I was given a product by a friend- 3 days later my stretch marks were almost completely faded, my c section

scar turned to my normal complexion, my post pregnancy acne was the best it had been in 2 years--- I was completely amazed.

Not only did this product bring my confidence up- my children's eczema- gone! Mosquito bites--- no discomfort and itching. My hubbies razor burn--- gone after one use. How is this product not out for everyone to see??-- the company put this product in the hand of multi-level marketing- something I used to see and run away as fast as I could- but after using a product that had done  so much for me and my family- I NEEDED to be a part of it.

In the past month- all my goals have been reached- beyond reached-- all our skin problems are gone using this product and I brought in over 3,000$ in my first month a part of this company. I have been setting more goals for myself- ones that only a couple months ago I had seen as impossible.

One goal of mine--- to share this product and opportunity with anyone that would benifit- if it can change my life so dramatically in one month-- there is no reason it could not do the same for you!

This MLM business is not a scam--- better yet this company does not involve carry stock or "parties", this product sells itself-- everyone with skin has a use for this product--

Contact me for any info! :)

Brandon - posted on 10/08/2012













[deleted account]

Searching for Miss Teal Pineapple

What is My Teal Pineapple?

My Teal Pineapple was designed with the Boutique, Gift Shop, Florist, Beauty Salon, Ice Cream Parlor, Jewelry Store, and the Children's Clothing Store in mind. A unique and eye catching "My Teal Pineapple" template to display at a store entrance or cash register for customers to scan a QR code and view the store's mobile website. It is not just a mobile website. Our system has a built in reputation management system, a mobile marketing platform with a "Click Once, Send to All" messaging system, and a customer loyalty program. The My Teal Pineapple template can also be used for flyers, posters, table tents, car magnets, etc. For more information about the product visit www.tealpineapple.com .


I am searching for eager, outgoing business ladies to become a Miss Teal Pineapple and sell the My Teal Pineapple System. You are able to work when you want to work and be your own boss.


1. Outgoing

2. Want a Job in Sales

3. Have a computer or tablet

4. Have a Smartphone

5. 21+ years of age


E-mail a 10 sentence paragraph explaining why you should be a "Miss Teal Pineapple", your age, and your best photo. (If you meet all requirements, the photo will be used to announce that you are a Miss Teal Pineapple on our website)


There are two ways to make money from our system: 1. You can get a

commission from every business you sign up. We pay a $200 commission for

each business.

2. You can obtain a resellers license, pay a $200/mo fee

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residual monthly income. If you do not want to fool with the technical

end, you can pay us the $199 setup fee for each business, we'll set it

up and you collect the monthly fees. This is a lot of money to be made

with this system.

What you will receive

If you choose pay option 1: You will receive a Quick Start Guide, My Teal Pineapple Template, and My Teal Pineapple Flyer Template. You will also receive a Miss Teal Pineapple Welcome Gift.

If you choose pay option 2, you will receive:

Creation & Branding

Easy cloud-based App Generator

Free app hosting

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Your own customizable website

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A Reseller Quick-Start Guide

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1 Hour one-on-one initial consultation

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Table Tent/Sign Generator

And of course a Miss Teal Pineapple Welcome Gift :)

Bethany - posted on 10/05/2012




Join my team! Check out my website or my facebook page for some more info.



Phyllis - posted on 09/11/2012




TIMES ARE TOUGH everywhere, but there is still away to pull out of the financial burden. Here's a great opportunity I was introduced to and after researching it, I join and love it, its only 3 steps, check it out, you'll be glad you did!



1. Go to business page, www.911gascard.com/truetither and watch the video at the bottom of page

2. If interested, follow the instructions and CLICK THE "REGISTER HERE" button on the left

3. LASTLY, share the information with others and get them to join, then watch the bonus checks and visa gasoline cards come in. Call me if you need help and I will help you all the way.


Lakeesha - posted on 08/28/2012




Just how can motor club of America help you? Read below:

Motor club of America provides a wide range of services and products to drivers, and non-drivers through the entire U. S. and Canada which range from roadside assistance, hospital emergency benefits, travel assistance, hotel discounts, plus much more.

MCA roadside assistance benefits include things like 24/7 “sign and go” dispatch with towing as much as 100 miles to your destination selected and as send $100 reimbursement cost covering automobiles, trucks, rv’s, motorcycles, boats, and livestock trailers.

Motor Club of America will even provide “travel assistance” reimbursement as much as $500 for local accidents that will assist with renting a car, as well as for accidents greater than 50 miles from the covered members home, MCA will reimburse with lodging, meals, and transportation.

Motor Club of America (MCA) Memberships

The MCA membership offers planning, and travel reservations with detailed routing, maps, airline reservations, and hotel information and discounts. The motor club of America membership card will even function as a $500 cash bond whenever a covered member is involved with traffic violations. Membership can also include as much as $25,000 bail bonds when faced with vehicular manslaughter, or negligent homicide.

MCA members are able to receive as much as $2,000 for attorney fees when faced with vehicular manslaughter, or negligent homicide as a result of a covered accident. Covered MCA members also receive as much as $1,000 for attorney fees for accidents and vehicle damages.

Even theft is included having a motor club of America membership which include as much as $5,000 resulting in the arrests and conviction of a thief.

Motor Club of America members are able to feel comfortable knowing that MCA provides as much as $1,000 in credit card protection whenever a covered members credit cards are lost or stolen.

MCA – motor club of America provides discounts on prescription medications, dental, and vision care. Members will also be covered for hospital emergency room care as a result of accidents in your own home, work, or play. Membership with motor club of America will even provide as much as $54,750 in daily hospital benefits.

There are numerous more benefits offered joining motor club of America which are way too many to list out. However when you browse the site you will agree that MCA is definitely one of the most comprehensive, and affordable trusted membership plan anywhere.

The motor clubs of America benefits don’t end there. By becoming a MCA member privileges also have the motor club of America associate networking plan in partnership with TVC Matrix corp.

The partnering of TVC Matrix and MCA “Motor Club of America” benefits each member/associates having an unprecedented comp plan that’s using the network marketing community by storm.

Obtaining FULL motor club of America “MCA” benefits together with becoming an MCA business associate provides earning possibility for anyone, from work from home mom and dads, students, elderly people, retirees, p/t and f/t working adults, and professional internet marketers alike.

It only cost $40 (first Two months prepaid membership) becoming a “Total Security Member” with motor club of America, and $19.95 each month thereafter. The compensation plan proposed by Motor Club of America is definitely one of the most lucrative above any throughout the industry.

To provide you with basically a brief example of the MCA comp plan look below:

For 1-5 memberships sold each week for just $40 an MCA associate/member will get an $80 compensation check each week via UPS or direct deposit, meaning that even with 1 $40 “Total Security Membership Package” sale each week you can now easily earn an additional $80 each week or $4,160 annually simply by sharing Motor Club of America’s trusted products, and services.

  Go now to https://www.tvcmatrix.com/KeeshaW527 to get started......

Feel free to call me for questions  keesha980-422-5751 


Mary - posted on 08/28/2012




The BEST Direct Sales Opportunity EVER


* Low start up cost of only .99 cents

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can tell the world about your business.

* Control Panel ~ for training and consultant information

* Affiliate Panel ~ to track commissions and watch your team grow

* Online E-Parties Available

Party Gifts:

* Company paid hostess gifts ~ free and 40% discounted items



Jennifer - posted on 08/27/2012




Hi I work with Melaleuca and what we do is online advertising, and email marketing. by doing everything online you find others like yourself and I that would like to join you in business. I really love Melaleuca and their products are much safer for your home especially a home with kids. If you are interested in watching a detailed presentation please contact me at jennifermerrill91@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to get you scheduled. Also you may visit these two sites to get a little more information in the meantime. http://www/wahsucess.info and http://www.melaleuca.info until the end of August our memberships are $1.00 I promise this is not a scam

Lakeesha - posted on 08/26/2012




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it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Lidermi - posted on 08/26/2012




Work from home and still take care of your children!

We have a legitimate business opportunity to work from home. It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee. Make your own schedule and be your own boss. Start the business with little to no investment. We have 8 ways to get paid and a whole team that will be there to support you, and lead you to success. Requirements: Be positive, self-driven, motivated, goal oriented, over-achiever, have a cell phone, access to the internet, and be a team player.

This is my email: lidem20@gmail.com

Phone number: 407-738-6711

Roe - posted on 08/15/2012




Dear Sasha,
Did you receive my post? I just wanted to check with you. I am the former Kindergarten teacher who is now with the Juice Plus+ company. If you chose another company I am so respectful of that. However, if you didn't receive my post my website is roejp.com my business link is www.juiceplusvirtualfranchise.com. If you like what you see, feel free to give me a call too see if it is a fit for you. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be amazingly successful like my other reps. Today I hold the top position with our company. If there is one thing I can well, it is help people with their health and economic situation. We have a simple system for busy moms!

Sgt Scott - posted on 08/14/2012




Look no further. I am here to help. There's an Opening in my company. I am in need of a Data Entry and Payroll Coordinator. You don't have to be skillful or expert. I will give u all necessary kits that u need to work with and train u. You'll work for just 2days in a week and 3hrs on each day and salary involve is $225. Email me at sgtscottl@yahoo.com. Here's a public place and i wouldn't like to say much. Sgt Scott Lewis

Amber - posted on 08/08/2012




Check this out. Great opportunity with an amazing company!!


What would a second income do for you? Here are the facts: most families have credit card debt, most moms work outside the home and for many there are few options - until now!

We are a team that said YES to:
* Keeping our family our first priority
* Financial security
* A proven success model
* Flexible work hours

We are a team that said NO to:
* High pressure
* Inventory, selling or stocking products
* Complicated paperwork
* Multi-level marketing

Our team was created over 12 years ago because we found a need for people to be mentored while working in their own homes. We don't sell, deliver or collect money on products. We don't hold home parties. We don't pay monthly membership fees or even have to buy things that we don't want or won't use. So we created a system that trains and supports the people who join our team. This is a REAL business that requires your efforts. If you are willing to be mentored, we can teach you how to make substantial money with this business.

We utilize a conference call system in order to get you the information you need. If you would like to listen to one of our company overviews, we would be happy to contact you with a schedule of times during the week. This is an information - only call. All you have to do is click "Get The Details" on the form at: www.FindingFreedomTeam.com/AmberEvans

If you are content in your current financial situation - that is fine! But if you are willing to put forth an effort, we can teach you how to increase your monthly income by $500, $1000, or even $5000 per month. This is not a get rich quick or a get rich being lazy kind of business. We work hard with the people that we train. If you are serious about working from home, you need to get to know us. Contact us at: www.FindingFreedomTeam.com/AmberEvans

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