Oh my, I had to learn a new trick fast at a training

Angela - posted on 08/17/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Today I went to a educational training for my work (I am a teacher) at another school. So I of course brought my pump and whatnot and planned to pump in my car with my battery pack. I was kind of nervous doing that in my car but really I didn't have the balls to ask for somewhere else and it was only one day. So I got in my car, thank god for tinted windows, and started pulling out my stuff. I noticed as I was pulling things out I was missing the two pump parts that go over your breasts that put the milk into the bottle. I am sure those things have a fancy name but I have no idea. Well, I was pretty full because I hadn't gotten a break and the training was actually interesting. So I quickly had to hand express into one of my milk bottles. I have done a little bit before but never any large amount. Man, that made my nipples sore! I guess I learned two lessons, one how to hand express and two check my pump bag before I leave the house!!


Amanda - posted on 08/20/2009




Been there done that :) I had signed up with my church to do some volunteer work on a Saturday. Of course, I wake up late and , of course, it was the first time Nathan ever slept for nine hours straight. I have no time to pump before I leave, just enough time to nurse him, and he was only taking one side during a feeding. Two hours into the volunteer project, I run to the bathroom to attempt to relieve my poor, engorged breast. I was so full I had actually gotten several new stretch marks during those two hours. When I picked Nathan up an hour later, he would even latch on that side for more than a few seconds because the milk was coming out sooo fast. With my next baby, I vow to master the art of pumping while nursing.

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