2 1/2 yo daughter attacked repeatedly at daycare

Elizabeth - posted on 11/23/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 2 1/2 year old DD has been attending the same daycare since she's been 3 mo old. This is a great daycare in town, but recently she's started having problems with one of the other kids in her class. This other child has bit or badly scratched my child 3 times in the last 2-3 mo. My DD doesn't have any problems with other kids, and we never get reports that she started it. The only reason we know it's the same child over and over again, is she tells us. She's been quite worked up about the incidents, and yesterday was the last straw. She was bit on the face badly enough that I could photograph the mark hours later and she still has a mark today. I don't anticipate the mark going away for another day or two.

Daycare has suggested simply keeping the two kids from playing at the same "center" in the room. This doesn't seem like a great long-term solution to me. Any of you with kids in daycare's have suggestions for other solutions? This is one of the best daycare's in town, and only 2 min from our house. Additionally, we'll be moving in about 9 mo, so switching daycare's at this point seems a little extreme.

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Heidi - posted on 11/23/2011




Ive been doing child care for over 10 years now and have never come across this kind of situation. However if I did I would notify the parents of the child who is causing harm to others and let them know that that kind of behaviour is UNEXCEPTABLE. The child has 2 options to respect and not hurt others or be taken out of the day care.
All children need to feel safe and have fun and dont need to worry about other children wanting to hurt them.
If I were you I would talk to the adminstrator of your day care and then I would go directly to the parents of the child that is hurting your child.

Brianna - posted on 11/23/2011




if that child keeps attacking kids like that the day home should be telling her parents that she is no longer welcome at the daycare. my mom has run a day home for 25 years and i remember when she had a kid like that, i remember the day it was the last straw she pined another lil girl down and bite her face! the hurt girls parents were so upset and wanted to remove there girl but my mom said no shes not the one who needs to leave. and next day she told the mean lil girls parents she would no long watch their kid because she was a danger to the other children and she needed to watchout for the majority.

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