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I've been home from working since November. My son's daddy wants me to go back to work.... I don't want to go to work I enjoy the time our son and I share even if its not that great of a go.... Dad has only done odd jobs or under the table work.... Should i have to go back and make all the bills again? Or should dad take some responsibility and start working to? I know if i start working he'll go right back to his xbox.... I just want to be home with our son....

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Karen - posted on 06/15/2011




Side jobs can bring in some good money if you have the right ones. But if he isn't making enough, then you may need to. I know it's hard to leave your little one, but you can still spend lots of time with him. Or if you can try talking him into a full time job. My husband does that and side jobs as well. And still has time for his video games ect. If you spend more time with your son when home, then you should be the one to stay home. Or maybe a part time job would work with him getting a part time job? It depends on how close you are to those.

Amy - posted on 06/15/2011




I'm confused if neither if you have a job how do you pay the bills? I don't want to work either but I have to work full-time to help pay the mortgage and grocery bills. If families can afford living on one income and the husband doesn't mind then I think it's a great arrangement but if not then both parents should work. Also my husband and I work opposite shifts so we don't pay for daycare because where we live that would take up to much of our income.

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