Deciding to work or further education away from family support

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Any mothers out there have the same dilemma? I have a very large and extended family all mostly within a 45 minute drive away who we spend time with on about a weekly basis. On the other hand, we have been contemplating moving for possible better career opportunities. I feel like I want my son to stay near his extended family and grow close with them versus making a new move where we will have no extended family and be on our own. I am always back and fourth with money values versus family values...


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Let me put it this way:

I grew up a farmer's daughter. We moved a total of 3 times when I grew up. We moved from the state of PA to the state of OK when I was 1o years of age. We did knot know anyone at all. The only ones we knew and that was barely were the boss and his family. Our closest family was 5 hours away in Arkansas. My dad did it because he was paid a bit more and he was in a better position as far as work conditions were until we had been there about 5 years. After that we moved to MO to another farm and that did not last long because the whole job fell apart for my dad before we had been there 11 months. He quit and moved us to Arkansas with no job and the tax refund to live on until he could find work. Three times us girls were moved to different states and different schools. Guess what? The first time was considered an adventure because it was new. The second time was not so good for us either. But we endured it. Then moving to Arkansas we were near family and had cousins our age and we got to go to school with them. My dad got on at a plant to work and before that year was out was worried he would loose his job because of layoffs. He contemplated going back to PA again. That had me worried because I would graduate the next school year and I did not want to end up having to make up classes that were expected for graduation in a new state with different standards for graduation. I was ready to plead my case to finish there. In the end, things worked out and they bought their first house and we stayed.

Yes, moving does upset things but kids are resilient and will bounce back. Moving is also a learning experience for them and the family. It can mean a better life for you and your family from this move. There is always school holidays and summer break to spend time with your family or have them come on vacation to see you! That is what we did. You can also do so much more than we could back then with technology and video chat for free on Skype or Facebook with family, send email, use social media for your family like a family page, and so much other things. Back growing up we had the regular old fashion mail and the telephone. Phone calls were few and far between because calling even to the towns close by could be considered long distance. Be glad for this possible chance to better your family, it could also better you and your husband. It is not always about money values and family values. Moving for a better job means a better life and maybe less worries about keeping the family afloat. You always will have those family values and you can always continue those traditions too!

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