full time working mom with new baby and 7 year old

Aflowers8504 - posted on 02/10/2017 ( 2 moms have responded )




HI! I am new here. Hoping to figure out how to keep up with this busy life of mine. How do you do it?? Work, homework, babies, groceries, bills,cooking,cleaning.... LOL


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Toni - posted on 02/13/2017




Scream into a pillow? lol. Kidding aside, I have 2 kids-7 & 9, I work full time, and I go to college. I cook healthy, home made meals, my house stays clean. It took me YEARS to keep up though. My husband works out of town, so he's gone 5 days a week and in the garage the other 2 so it's all on me.
I personally thrive on routine. Feel free to message me but I'll try to throw you some pointers now.
My disclaimer-I am NOT a professional, in anything lol.
When you're done with something (PB jar, scissors, pen, whatever) put it away immediately. EVERYTHING, oven mitt-put that sucker back in the drawer when you're done). On that note, everything should have a "home", a place where it should always be put away.
When you're cooking dinner don't just sit there and stare at the ground beef cooking, move around and clean something up, unload the dishwasher, dump out the coffee from this morning, ect. I consider dinner cooking time my time to clean the kitchen also.
I grocery shop religiously every Friday after work. If I miss it I basically screw up my whole weekend because I live 30 miles from the closest grocery store, that's an hour commute I could have knocked out by stopping on my way home.
Bills-I just bought a hanging file holder thingy to help improve my whole mail and bills situation. But right now my husband pays the bank loans (mortgage & car) and I do the rest of the bills. Once a week I organize the mail, on Fridays. Every 2 weeks (on pay day) I sit down and pay the bills and it's quick, 15-20 minutes, most are online. I'm that freak that's paying one online while I'm on hold paying another one the phone. I'm a serious multitasker. I usually pay them during my lunch break lol.
I'm also huge into minimizing, which has completely changed the difficultly level of cleaning the house since I minimized 2 years ago, best thing I ever did.
I personally think multi tasking is key. Example-clean the kitchen while cooking dinner (just don't burn dinner!). When my 7 year old is in the bath i'll clean the bathroom and upstairs hallway because he has to talk talk talk talk to me while he's in the bath so I try to stay close otherwise he just yells lol. I watch my lecture notes (I go to college online, roughly 5 hours of lecture videos each week) while I'm folding laundry. My son eats really slow so I'll clean the dining room when I'm done eating and he's still eating, he really doesn't like to be alone pretty much ever because he loves to talk. My 9 year old cleans the living room. That's the main floor right there!

Ev - posted on 02/12/2017




Amy-I had my kids 7 years apart. I had a first grader, and all the stuff on your list to get done. It was no different than when I had my oldest child except she was in school not a baby. You just do what you did with you oldest as a baby but work around school and other things.

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