Help? Baby screaming and crying to go to school!

DORIANNE - posted on 09/14/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I want to know if I am just overreacting or must I worry? My boy (he's 1year and 8months) never screamed of kicked when I was dropped him off in the mornings. The last 1 to 2 weeks he screams. Throwing tantrums. And now he started at home with "myne.. myne.. myne... basicly means mine mine mine! And he screams again. He would even hit me to get what he wants. Anything.. the remote, the dogs ball, his bottle, his Barney, he would even see the leaves on trees and then screams mine!

He's stays at a daycare, not a kindergarden. There are only like 30 kids. Four teachers and then they've got assitants as well. Johan used to be with an assitant and he was very happy, then she one day just never came back to work. So now he's with someone else. about 2 weeks ago his current assistant didnt show up. The owner of the daycare then said that afternoon that they cant believe that he is so much smiling and running around. Apparently when she is there he doesn't want to do anything or go to anybody else. He screams and cries the whole day. Now she's back.

He even wakes up at night screaming! like having a nightmare.
Should I go to the owner and talk to her? Or am I just overreacting? Because I know that babies his age is starting to develop his/her own will.


Kelly - posted on 09/14/2010




Have a talk to them. Even if it is just a stage it will give you peace of mind to be able to talk it through with them and talk about their observations and how they are managing it there. It sounds like he's had a few changes there and that may have upset his routine. My son always loved daycare and was very attached to one of his carers and would be a bit funny anytime she was away sick or on holidays. He also went through a really unsettled period when he went up to an older room and had to leave her behind. At that stage we had a lot of difficulty getting him to go (where he always loved going previously) and it took a couple of months to settle him into the new routine. Once he formed positive attachments to the new carers though, he settled down again and once again we have no problems.

Good luck. I know how difficult it can be. But certainly talk to them. If nothing else they have probably seen it with other children before and will be able to reassure you that it's pretty normal!

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