Help! Losing my milk supply at 7 months!

Josie - posted on 02/03/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi all - I need help big time. My little girl is just turning 7 months and I've been back to work since 3 months. I am losing my milk supply. Earlier I was able to pump 3 times a day and bring it back up, but now at this new company there have been times I have forgotten, and I really can only pump twice a day. They biggest problem though, is that it looks like this now: if I nurse at 7am, pump at 11am (get 7-8 oz), then pump at 3pm, I can try to get 4-6 oz at the time), and then I can feed her before bedtime at 7 or 8pm. But if I go past 3pm, there wont be enough time to replenish my milk and my baby will freak out at bedtime and demand more! The last time, I had to give her a bottle of expressed milk because I didnt have any left in my breasts!!!

Today, I nursed at 730am, pumped 7 oz at 12pm. And TOTALLY forgot to pump at 3pm because I was in meetings all day. Now, its 4pm and I refuse to pump because if I put my baby to sleep at 730pm, I wont have enough breastmilk for her. So now Im going almost 7-8 hours without pumping, to ensure she will get a lot in the evening.

BUT this is making my supply decrease. Can anyone offer any insight please? I cannot absolutely cannot supplement with formula because of allergies. She needs to be solely breastfed.


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Sarah - posted on 02/12/2017




If you are late for a pumping session, try just pumping off an ounce or two. This will give you some to store and relieve any fullness, as well as let your body know it is time to make more. It is very common for you to make less milk, especially if baby is starting solids. Also you could try to get up at night and pump during the night? Not very convenient..but it might help a bit.

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