I’m feeling like a slave in my own home

Martha - posted 6 days ago ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband and I work together, own our own business. We both put in about 40 hours per week. We have six children (three his, three mine). All the kids are great! We have four in the Home. I come home after work, go to the grocery store, prepare dinner, clean up the kitchen, check laundry. On the weekends, it’s all me, I clean, do laundry, clean again, cook.. I’m tired, I’m constantly yelling at the kids to help, they don’t clean their room, it’s a constant fight for laundry to get done. My husband is wonderful but I feel like he doesn’t have my back with the chores and the kids. I’m thinking about going to counseling because I feel I’m not doing it right. HELP!


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Janet - posted 5 days ago




So sorry you are feeling so much stress over trying to keep up with everything. Sounds like you and hubby need to sit down and have a talk about how you are going to get some help with everything at home. And both of you together come up with a schedule for the kids to help. A united force works better in holding the kids to their part in helping. If hubby doesn't want to help maybe it's time to hire some help. Hoping you can successfully work things out that helps relieve some of your stress.

Ev - posted 6 days ago




Actually, you and your husband should have sat down in the beginning and figured out the rules, chores and so on and set up a system for the kids to follow as to what chores each had, when they did the chores, what was expected of them, and so forth. Then you would not be the only one doing everything! It is not too late to call a family meeting and set up something with the kids to do their share. If not that then stop doing all their laundry especially if they are old enough to do it themselves, let the dishes slide a few days, let the house get a little cluttered. Let them see just how much it is you do. And when they ask for clean clothes or meals---tell them you are not their maid.

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