Looking for average everyday people looking to own their own busines

Stanley - posted on 03/05/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




The business that im referring to is made for everyday average people like you and me and is based on a platform that's centers on converting your spending into earning. Basically every single thing that your already spend on a month to month basis (literally everything). And through this shows people how they can create their own economy through their own spending and work for themselves instead of for someone else, which in turn allows them to develop a stream of residual income to the point where they can actually retire from there 9 to 5 and get there time freedom back and ultimately escaping there 45 year plan that we are all put in by default right out of college. No matter what happens in this world the one thing that never changes is the fact that people spend on things they want and need , why not maximize on every purchase and get paid for it. Get paid to buy groceries , get paid to buy clothes , get paid to pay bills , get paid to watch a movie , etc.

-Applies to anyone that knows social security administration will end up paying all of us in this generation close to nothing to live on because all the money is going to the baby boomers of the 1950s

-Anyone that has an entrepreneurial mindset and always wanted to own their own business

-Anyone looking for a change and is not happy with their current financial state (living a bill to bill life) and realizes that they are not financially fit

-Anyone that wants to build a business part time to what their already doing to create another stream of income that they can weld down to their kids or family after their gone

-Anyone that wants to fire their boss

-Anyone that wants their time freedom back and knows that their 9 to 5 job is taking that away from their loved ones and realize they can never get time back , trading time for money

-Anyone that realizes we just go to college to pay massive student loans after, until we hit the age of 65 and life just passes us by

-Anyone that realizes you can go to school but it doesn't guarantee you'll graduate , you can graduate but it doesn't guarantee you'll find a job or that you will be happy with it

-Anyone who still has dreams

(contact stanleyspades@yahoo.com for more information

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