trouble getting a good response about my son!

Susan - posted on 05/25/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




i know im not in the right group but i need some advice please

The problem is my son has a slight very minor case of autism. So he understands everything perfectly fine, and he can communicate relatively well, but he just has trouble with putting his clothes on sometimes and he's 13. So i have changed his clothes several times, and its not like he's retarded, he just has trouble getting that low to the ground, but whenever i help change him, he gets an erection. And he is 13! which isnt young. He doesnt have an erection before i start to help him change, but when i get to the stage where i need to put his underwear on, he gets an erection because im touching around that area i think. Is this ok?? :s


Katherine - posted on 05/26/2012




It's completely normal for this to happen. Especially in an autistic child. He is just reacting to your touch and might be overly sensitive. I know it's probably embarrassing for you , but just ignore it. Have you tried the autism group?

Cc - posted on 05/30/2012




First, I'll agree with the two women who commented on the "r" word. Having a diagnosis of mental retardation is not a bad thing. It just means you are different. And the terms that are better to use are people with developmental disabilities or people with intellectual disabilities.

And I wonder if you've spoken to your son about it? Does he feel uncomfortable? Is there a dad around that can help with dressing him sometimes to ease the discomfort for you both?

In addition to the Circle of Moms Autism group, I suggest trying some websites like or to get some perspectives from other moms dealing with similar issues.


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Michelle - posted on 05/29/2012




I think Katherine is right, and I hope you find the anwsers your looking for, but I would just like to say my son has autism and even if he didn't I would never think of using the word retarded. It is an awful word for something that a child or adult can not help. I'm sorry, but I had to say something, because I have lost of people in my life how have been called that for there disability and it should stop.

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