what kind of question often to b ask when putting our kids in childcare

Nurabdah - posted on 06/05/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




current im home mom but goin back to work so i was just wondering question often ask? to know the kids secure in the childcare enviroment. how can we make sure that our kids is comfortable with the place?? further more if my kid most of the time with the me his mum..

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Sally - posted on 06/08/2010




I'm a prescool teacher in a childcare centre - also a mum to a 21 month old. I'm looking at putting my son into childcare at a different centre to where I work.

I think the important things to ask about are:

*their staff:child ratio

*their record keeping (nappies/food/sleeps etc)

* do they regularly check on sleeping babies (and record this?)

*what sort of program do they have? (how will you know what your child will be doing, or has been doing?)

* what are the qualifications of the staff?

* are you, as a parent, welcome in the centre whenever you want to come in?

* what are their security procedures like?

When you go into the centre, are the staff immediately aware that you are there? Do they introduce themselves to you and find out who you are (keep in mind that when your child is there, you want them to be totally aware of any other adults who walk in!)

Do the staff greet your child, or just you? Do the other children seem happy and settled? What do other parents think of the centre? At one centre I was looking at, I actually stopped in the carpark and asked a man (who had just picked his son up) what he thought of the centre.

Good luck. Really you just have to feel comfortable that the staff are happy and seem "switched on" to the children in their care, and that the other kids are happy. Any staff member in the centre should be able to confidently answer the questions above. Go with your gut feeling.

Keli - posted on 06/06/2010




my now boss used to be in the childcare field, and advised me to go and visit the place several times, at different times of day, unannounced. as for questions. i would say how many children of certain ages (infant, toddler,etc) per caretaker. one of my concerns is compliance with using breastmilk

Trisha - posted on 06/05/2010




important enuff is how U FEEL about the place when u walk in... Im an infant teacher so i get lots of potential parents coming in and most if them return bc i do a good job making them feel comfortable. How old is the child(s)? U didn't say...please respond an i'll be more than happy to assist u

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