Working mom??? I need a mom, a maid, a cook, a gardner etc. etc...

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I am exhausted from doing this for 15 years. I just want to finish my blood sucking job and come hoime to a home cooked meal, a clean house, clean bedsheets, clothes and kids whose homework is done, with a heating pad and a bottle of wine. Ahhhhh!!! When will I be able to enjoy that life?


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Tonight I came home at six and my daughter says mom we have to go to my school. I just got home from being up since 6:30am. I am sure its worth it but sometimes the climb is rough on the body. Thanks Claudia! I don't know what I would do with a baby at 40. I am always tired now. I wish you strength and goodness

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April - posted on 11/05/2012




Try to take at least day a week to do something for you. Something that is relaxing so you can recharge. :)

Connie Marie - posted on 10/24/2012




Hi. I am looking to cook for hard working people. I am 52 years old looking for work and thought something along these lines would be perfect. I love to cook. Also am a very healthy cook. Home made meals after a hard days work. Also of course clean up. My name is Connie M. Orr. My # is 303.464.0596. I am in the Westminster, Broomfield area. Please call if interested. Also will do grocery shopping.

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OMG! Selena I was exhausted just from reading your post. You are too many things to too many people. When is 'me' time - that's what we all need? You're spread thin my dear. Is your mom ill or just elderly? Can she cope on her own? I think it's great that you have energy to even think of having another You're amazing!

Selena - posted on 09/24/2009




i feel your pain i have one child in his terrible twos... i work almost every day come home stay up till 2 cleaning then get up at 7 with my son feed breakfast do my husbands paperwork cook lunch go to moms and help her then off to work till 11-12 that night.... some days have more some days have less i know it dont sound like much but when i am used to doing nothing but working coming home and spending time with my son i am now in my own place and taking care of my mom.... i have a lot more responsibility and i stay wore out between running mom and taking care of things she neeeds and taking care of my son and husband.... its a full load once you have kids... and I WANT ANOTHER ONE LOL

Claudia A - posted on 09/24/2009




girl am 45 had all my kids in my twenties, then went on a holiday in sun four months after i find out am having a i juggle my job my 4 year old , two of my older kids decide to come home and there it go again work work then come home clean cook and have to do course work but u will see your fruit of labour at the end. soon they will be off. you be missing them. even though they are gone.. i still find time ti have a glass of rose".. its 21years now it because we want the best socheer up its gonna be ok ......

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