Young and pregnant/parents

I just want a place for young pregnant people to talk. I see the teen moms and young mothers but I'd like to have a place where your pregnant and get to talk about it.


18 pregnant and scared

well i just found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant and im still in denial! my boyfriend is supportive/kinda but i can tell hes scared and stressed. i dont even know ehre to start...


single mom to be

Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Stephanie, 21, and 21 weeks pregnant with my first child, a daughter :D I couldn't be more excited for her, and I'm due December 9, 2012....


Is it normal?

Is it normal to have a low self esteem, feel insecure and sometimes depressed through my pregnancy?


Just over the hill!

Is anyone else like super ansy to have their babies? I have about 2 months left and I swear it is like dragging on foreverrrr!


My labor experience

I was having contractions about every five minutes about 8:00 pm-9:25pm when finally I told my husband to take me to the hospital, this was on june 12th. When we arrived the...


Anyone DONE?

Okay I just kind of need to vent and know if anyone else is like this: I am done. Earlier in my pregnancy even though how terrible it was (I had morning sickness all the way up...


This weeks activity!

Hey everyone, To help grow our community, like we would a growing baby in our beautiful tummy, or a growing baby in our strong protective arms, we should communicate so we...



I'm really tired and sleeping is becoming painful, I wake up a lot with cramps and stiff muscles, I was wondering if anyone has any solutions I could try to stay asleep, so far...


I think...

I think this group is in need of more members or conversation or one is talking...


help needed

I'm not sure but I think Labor might be eminent, only I'm just getting into my third trimester. The baby is really low and feels like she is going to fall out any minute. Also I...


8 months

my son is 8 months old today and is getting into everything. im a little worried about the way he chews things. this is a little gross thats why im concerned. he constantly...