Young moms aged 20-30

This is a fun site where all of us can get together and talk about our kids, ask questions and give advice. We need to have other people our own age that can understand where we come from. Please remember to be kind and to respect other moms and their opinions! Please DO NOT post solicitations/business ads in this community.


breast feeding

how imp is to brest fed a baby vich is the most ecnomic method vd complete nutrition


Does everybody scrapbook?

I just made the age, I am 29 going on 30. I will be 30 in August. I have two boys and a wonderful husband. I don't really have any time to scrapbook or put pictures in...


trying for another baby

hello my name's chrissy and im a proud mother of two beautiful kids dylan aged 4 and breanna aged 2 they are a hand full at the moment but i couldnt live with out them we are...


a little about me...

Im 23 married and I have a 15 month old and a 3 1/2 year old. me and my husband have been married for 2 1/2 years I love being a mom its the best feeling in the world!!



hi girls iam 21 iam a mother of one lil girl she is 3 i here to meet other mums that around my age!!!


Stay home mom

Hi all. I'm a 26 year married and mom of 3. i've got 2 boys Cleo 5 and Broderick 4 and our princess Althea 18mo. I love being a stay at home mom. It is the best Choice my hubby...


Thanks for the invitation!

Hello everyone, My name is A'Jeenah Chavez, I am 22 years old, a wife for 5 years (this September) and a mom of three little girls. Nia is 4, Marissa is turning 3 soon and...


new member

i have only just joined this site, i have a 3 year old boy, whom stays home with me full time, as i sometimes care for other children in my home. look forward to meeting many...


Getting an extra hour SLEEP???

My son goes to sleep around 8 and doesn't wake all night until 5am. He always has solids and a bath before 6.30 he has had this routine for 3months he doesn't like to be out of...



Hi everyone, just joined your wonderful group! Im 24 and married to my high school sweet heart and we have a 21 month beautiful baby boy together. Thanks for letting me join...


Who Has Twins?????

Hi, my name is Aquilla I have twin boys who are 3years old right now. I am 28 years old. I am in school (graduate in December). I reacently start buying my boys some...


New here...

Hi I'm Jenn, 24yrs old, SAHM & WAHM with a very active 2 1/2 yr old little boy, Tryston. I don't have many Mom friends, and absolutely zero Mom friends that I'm able to spend...


Lisa Mcallister

My name is Lisa Mcallister i am the mother of a 8 year old son name Jamar.I enjoy being being a mom but,times it is hard . I would like to have someone to get advice from about...


potty training...

hello...i have a 3 1/2 year old son named Aiden. Aiden consistently urinates in the toilet and stays dry for naps. He has been completely trained for peeing for 6+ months....


plagiocephaly torticollis

My son has been diagnosed as a good candidate for a cranial helmet. He has plagiocephaly torticollis. Just wondering if anyone else is going through or has gone through the...


Im a new member

Hey Everyone, Thanks to invtitng me to join your group.. its very hard out there to find young mums... i have 1 friend with chikdren but dont see her. Anyway my name is conni...


i am 28 with 2 kids 6 and 2.

i sometimes feel like older mommies look at me and treat me like i am a novice. i am not as experienced as some with older kids but i am in no way a novice. i was just wondering...


Geogia mom of 2

i live outside of Savannah GA. i work full time (tank goodness I still have a job with the economy) ;) I am interested in scrapbooking, playdates, getting to know people!



So I'm a single stay at home mom do to medical stuff with lil one. I'm trying to find a good way to make some Christmas presents at home. And I don't like really asking for...



Can we do private msgs on this?


trying and confused

Hi I am dannz..... I have been trying to conceive (not a mom yet), I am 26 and will be 27 in nov and really want to be a mommy. I was once diagnosed with POS, but was put on...


were you a single teen mom?

I guess I'm just looking for some hope ladies.. I'm 18 and my son is one. things didn't work out with his dad and at times I don't feel good enough to be with anyone. the...


Need advice

hi my name is nelida i wanted to know how soon into pregnancy dose the belly start to get hard I'm a mother of one already i forgot wen


young moms

Hello everyone wts up mom circel is amazing..agree


Need advice

hi my name is nelida i wanted to know how soon into pregnancy dose the belly start to get hard I'm a mother of one already i forgot wen


When am I due?

This is my first pregnancy! I took a test on the 11th of this month and received a vary faint positive. The following morning I took one with my boyfriend (he didn't believe me)...


Right to be mad or being Childish ?

My boyfriends oldest daughter, 17, is upset that I am pregnant with baby #2. His mom, her grandma told ne that she's not mad at him but at me. She has barely began (a few months...


young moms

Hello everyone wts up mom circel is amazing..agree


pregnancy test

I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning it showed negative. When I looked at it today to throw it away there was a faint line, so now its positive. What should I do?


Need mom friends my age!

Hi my name is stephanie I have a almost 3 month old son. I don't have many friends to talk to or hang out with im not a nerd they just all moved away or have their own lives lol...



I think I should circumcise my son and so does my husband but something feels wrong. I know my husband is the one that should decide since he actually has one and he's happy...


Grand parent problems! Help!

So my son is 7 months old me and te father are together but not married. His mom complains because I only let her see him once a week or that I only want her to see him on my...


Head shaking/jerking

my daughter is 6 months old and has started doing this kinda head jerking thing and shaking her head, the head jerking is more when shes tired but she also shakes her head kinda...


When to get the first haircut???

My oldest daughter is three and she really wants to get her haircut. And I have to agree with her she needs to get three years of dead ends cut off. LOL. But I have been putting...


When to feed baby cereal

my baby will be 2 months old in three days. he seems to not be getting full from formula...he eats about 6oz every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. when is it ok to feed him cereal formula?


My daughter has molescum

My daughter had these mole/pimple looking bumps all over her and i took her to the dermitologist and he said she has molescum..... which is i guess a viral wart pretty much.......


What is your childs name?

I am prego with my second and really like the name Emalee. But everyone keeps telling me its too common. My sons name is Aries so we like unique names. But Emalee just keeps...


Formula, What is your brand and why?

I have tried lots of formulas, and we stuck to nestle good start and I really liked it. But my monkey girl started spitting up but I started trying different ones... Now I am...


induced labor or natural labor?

just curious really has anyone had a birth that was induced with a drip and a natural birth and is it true that overall births that are induced with the hormone drip tend to be...


What is a vaginal culture

at my next appointment i have to have a vaginal culture and i have no clue what it is...please inform me on what it is and what to expect


Itchy, Itchy, Itchy Breasts!

Can anyone suggest a good lotion for itchy skin? My belly is not the problem its my breasts! I have tried most everything over the counter: Palmers, Nivea, Aveeno and nothing...


Cradle cap on face?!

So my daughter is 6 wks and at her 1 month check up the doctors said she had baby acne. While it looked like baby acne it started getting worse and worse. I noticed she started...


Can't think of a middle name for Aubrey.

Expecting another little girl August 31 2010. We have a first name picked out. Aubrey. But getting stuck with the middle name we have said Aubrey Nicole and Aubrey Giovanna but...


My 4 year old doesn't talk

My 4 year old daughter Maylene doesn't talk yet. Doctors, speech therapist, teachers, and other random people says she has traits of autism or is speech impaired. Maylene's...


Cry it out at 3 months? Too young?

I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter and a 3 month old son. With my daughter we used the cry it out method and are firm believers in it. However, I can't remember exactly what age I...


Use of Cervidil to induce labor

I've been feeilng miserable and "done" and ready for this baby of mine to make her entrance. At my appointment this morning my doctor said that we can try Cervidil on Monday if...


Can dogs sense pregnancy?

we are not actually trying to have a baby but we are not trying not to and i am not due for my cycle until the 22nd, but lately my dog has been acting weird. She has been overly...


Problem with my IUD (Mirena)

I been recently having problems with my IUD. It was giving me a lot of pain and I noticed increased in fatigue. I also was becoming extremely emotional. All day I was having...


When can I take my baby off formula?

Just looking for ages when mothers took baby off the formula and switched to cows milk. Any suggestions how to do this? My girl is 13 months, and not sure on when it is...


Tattoos dedicated to your kids

I am wanting to get a tattoo for my son but I don't really want to do just the regular old foot or handprint. Any one else get a tat for their kid?? and if so what did you...


How to naturally induce labor

What are some ways you can jump start labor... I know of quite a few, but wasn't sure if there were some I hadn't heard before... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


I need some edgy but pretty girl names!

Well, I'm due in March so i have plenty of time to choose a girls name, but i like to figure it out early! My first daughters name is Jaeda. While i was pregnant with her, her...