Young moms aged 20-30

This is a fun site where all of us can get together and talk about our kids, ask questions and give advice. We need to have other people our own age that can understand where we come from. Please remember to be kind and to respect other moms and their opinions! Please DO NOT post solicitations/business ads in this community.


How do you bond with your son?

I have a little boy turning 9 this year. Most days I feel like a bad mother. I don't know how to bond with my son. I love him very much and I try to spend as much time with him...



im 23 years old, expecting our 1st baby on may 22nd (its a boy)!! both my husband and i are very excited :-) counting down.. can't wait until he's out hahahaha...



Hello everyone, im not sure what 2 write??? Erm im emma, 24, 25 in march & my daughter Mia is 17 months & already hitting the terrible 2s lol. x


good morning all

well its true to say been a mom is great i love it, but its sure hard work when your doing it alone im tracey my boys are dylan and brooklyn, they give me a purpose to get up...



Hi, my name is Ellie and I am 22 years old. I have been married to my husband for 2 1/2 years and I gave birth to our little girl Shalva in September. My husband is the...



Hi my name is kristy and i am a single mum of 2. i am 28 yrs old and just moved to a new location where i dont know anyone. i would love to chat to mums and find out if there...



hi i am 24 with 5 children i just need some other young mums to talk to



hello i'm Melissa , and i'm 24 yrs old. I have 1 stepson who's 10, little boy that's almost 3 and a baby girl who's 6 months old. Being a mom is a job. But i would love to chat...



hi every one my name is jessi im 20 years old from australia. i hav a 4 and half month old son his name is mason. just looking to chat to other young mums.. xx



Hi, my name Is Kim. I just turned 30 on Jan.10th. I'm married to an awesome guy who is great Dad. I have an awesome 12 year old son named Andrew, and I gave birth to my...


An intro to me and my daughter,.

Hi, I'm Mandy, i'm 28, married and i have a 2yr old daughter named Freya. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic (which certainley wasnt easy whilst pregnant) and i work as a therapy...


is this normal behaviour?

I am a first time mother of an 11 month old little girl, She is so full of life and always up to mischief. Her temper sometimes worries me. She was always ahead in regards to...


Not enough hours in the day!

I need to find a balance in my life! I took over a business last year and of course that takes alot of time from me. Right now I'm probably 65% work 30% daughter and 5%...


Hi Everyone

Hey im Carley im 25 n have 1 son Jackson Maverick he's 30 weeks old today and is my pride n joy he's brought a whole new meaning to my life n without him i'd be lost. i love...



Hi my name is Elissa Onea, I recently married last year in July and like many of you a young mother. I have a 3 month old son born last year on the 13th of October, we named him...



Does anyone have any ideas on how to put together the registry for the baby shower.... This is my first child and on top of working full time, going to school full time,...


tryjng to fall pregnant part II

A little bit more information: I've been trying to fall pregnant on and off for about two yrs now, I am 26 yrs old and my periods are irregular by irregular periods I mean...


2 kids 1 young mom?

Im Keira and I jus recently turned 23 and my Xavier is about to be 7 months . My fiancée' who is 29 wants another now ,he feels they should be close in age, and I'm jus not...



Okay so I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old and my husbands parents bought a condo in Florida and they want us to come down for the weekend. I'm a mom who's strict on...


Sleep training

I'm not sure if I should sleep train my 5 month old. He Wakes up 3 times durring the night for feeding and a diaper change. I feel like leaving him to cry would be betrayal and...


MIL calls my choice hideous.

I ordered this dress and according to he this is hideous is this a generation gap or what?



Okay so I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old and my husbands parents bought a condo in Florida and they want us to come down for the weekend. I'm a mom who's strict on...


sons father

so my son is not even two week old yet ,but the father of my son wants take him w for the whole weekend, he says if he cant have him now he wont ever take him downi the...


Where it hurts

I have a daughter age 10, recently she has discovered that boys have a week spot. I guess my question for you is . What did you do to get your daughter to stop striking boys "...


Mother in law

I need help in telling her to back off with my 3 year old son. I appreciate that she is there for us but tries to take him for every holiday. We just got back from a little trip...


Sleeping training please help!

My son just turned 1 and has slept with me since he was a little baby I didn't have a problem with it till my husband started working day shift and now he sleeps with us at...


Keeping an 11 month old entertained

I'm a stay at home mom of an almost 11 month old boy. I cannot seem to keep him occupied or entertained with anything. We put a big toy box in the living room and that worked...


Need mom friends my age!

Hi my name is stephanie I have a almost 3 month old son. I don't have many friends to talk to or hang out with im not a nerd they just all moved away or have their own lives lol...



I think I should circumcise my son and so does my husband but something feels wrong. I know my husband is the one that should decide since he actually has one and he's happy...



Im 29 years old 2 week's ago I just lost my baby # 5 im super sad desperate I always miscarriage between the 13 and 16 weeks the. Sad part is I always go to the doc and they...


Grand parent problems! Help!

So my son is 7 months old me and te father are together but not married. His mom complains because I only let her see him once a week or that I only want her to see him on my...


Head shaking/jerking

my daughter is 6 months old and has started doing this kinda head jerking thing and shaking her head, the head jerking is more when shes tired but she also shakes her head kinda...


When to get the first haircut???

My oldest daughter is three and she really wants to get her haircut. And I have to agree with her she needs to get three years of dead ends cut off. LOL. But I have been putting...


When to feed baby cereal

my baby will be 2 months old in three days. he seems to not be getting full from formula...he eats about 6oz every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. when is it ok to feed him cereal formula?


What is your childs name?

I am prego with my second and really like the name Emalee. But everyone keeps telling me its too common. My sons name is Aries so we like unique names. But Emalee just keeps...


My daughter has molescum

My daughter had these mole/pimple looking bumps all over her and i took her to the dermitologist and he said she has molescum..... which is i guess a viral wart pretty much.......


Formula, What is your brand and why?

I have tried lots of formulas, and we stuck to nestle good start and I really liked it. But my monkey girl started spitting up but I started trying different ones... Now I am...


induced labor or natural labor?

just curious really has anyone had a birth that was induced with a drip and a natural birth and is it true that overall births that are induced with the hormone drip tend to be...


What is a vaginal culture

at my next appointment i have to have a vaginal culture and i have no clue what it is...please inform me on what it is and what to expect


Itchy, Itchy, Itchy Breasts!

Can anyone suggest a good lotion for itchy skin? My belly is not the problem its my breasts! I have tried most everything over the counter: Palmers, Nivea, Aveeno and nothing...


Cradle cap on face?!

So my daughter is 6 wks and at her 1 month check up the doctors said she had baby acne. While it looked like baby acne it started getting worse and worse. I noticed she started...


Can't think of a middle name for Aubrey.

Expecting another little girl August 31 2010. We have a first name picked out. Aubrey. But getting stuck with the middle name we have said Aubrey Nicole and Aubrey Giovanna but...


My 4 year old doesn't talk

My 4 year old daughter Maylene doesn't talk yet. Doctors, speech therapist, teachers, and other random people says she has traits of autism or is speech impaired. Maylene's...


Cry it out at 3 months? Too young?

I have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter and a 3 month old son. With my daughter we used the cry it out method and are firm believers in it. However, I can't remember exactly what age I...


Use of Cervidil to induce labor

I've been feeilng miserable and "done" and ready for this baby of mine to make her entrance. At my appointment this morning my doctor said that we can try Cervidil on Monday if...


Can dogs sense pregnancy?

we are not actually trying to have a baby but we are not trying not to and i am not due for my cycle until the 22nd, but lately my dog has been acting weird. She has been overly...


Problem with my IUD (Mirena)

I been recently having problems with my IUD. It was giving me a lot of pain and I noticed increased in fatigue. I also was becoming extremely emotional. All day I was having...


When can I take my baby off formula?

Just looking for ages when mothers took baby off the formula and switched to cows milk. Any suggestions how to do this? My girl is 13 months, and not sure on when it is...


Tattoos dedicated to your kids

I am wanting to get a tattoo for my son but I don't really want to do just the regular old foot or handprint. Any one else get a tat for their kid?? and if so what did you...


How to naturally induce labor

What are some ways you can jump start labor... I know of quite a few, but wasn't sure if there were some I hadn't heard before... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


I need some edgy but pretty girl names!

Well, I'm due in March so i have plenty of time to choose a girls name, but i like to figure it out early! My first daughters name is Jaeda. While i was pregnant with her, her...