4 weeks to go & nervous...

Laura - posted on 05/11/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am working right now, however get off next friday...will have two weeks to myself (hopefully) until Andres is born...Noticing that when I do have time though I find myself thinking too much (birth defects, health of baby, what he will look like...etc..) During the two weeks I have off I, plan to keep myself busy, getting into the nesting stage...Any other thoughts on what I can do to relieve this feeling?


Amanda - posted on 05/11/2010




Just know that the baby will be fine!! Think of how you are going to try and get your sleep when the baby comes. Plan a day when you want all the people to come see baby... But here is a word of advice. Tell your family and friends that you want your time (with your Spouse) and the baby for the first couple of days. Nobody else (after you get home) it is special bonding time that cant' be did ever again. And it is nice!

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Leron - posted on 05/11/2010




Think about all the babies that are born healthy! I get nervous too sometimes (i'm on my 3rd baby and still get nervous!) like what am I thinking but...wait till you see that little bundle and you'll know you're in love! Think instead about the things you want to teach your baby, things you want your baby to know about his family. Spend some time on the phone catching up with old friends....time that will be harder to find later once baby is here! My husband and I went on special dates in the last few weeks before baby...esp dates that involved walking or foods I might not be able to eat once I'm BFing. When we were due to have our daughter (#2) we took our son on a fun date as a new big brother. Things like that make special memories. I agree with Amanda...we always tell our families that we get the first day and night in the hospital to ourselves. Its so nice to not have people snapping pictures of you directly post labor and you get a shower and time with the precious little boy and you're not feeling self concious about whipping out a breast in front of your father in law for the first time!!! You're going to do fine...my mom always says the worrying means you'll be a good mommy....:)

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