5 yr old still having problems remebering to use the bathroom, Help?

Bobbi - posted on 09/25/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




What are some tips or advice I can use to help my 5 yr old remember to use the bathroom? It has been hit and miss ever since started potty training. Reminders from adults, teachers taking throughout day, and sister helping just do not seem to be working, done it all just to get him to go, now how do i keep the missed times from happening?


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Jay - posted on 09/26/2011




Are sure he is really forgetting?
I know that my nephew would just get so caught up playing that he would not want to leave, then by the time he was going to go, he would wet himself.
He is 8 now and still wets the bed, his mum says it is pure lazyness, he just doesn't want to get out of bed.
What we had to do with him when he was4/5/6 was to actually take him away from the game/other children/tv and ask him in a different room does he need to go. if it had been a while we would just tell him to 'try' and tell him he can head back when he had a little pee.. It would only take a minute to go once he tried.
Then make such a big deal in the evening if he has no accidents, you could try a sticker book and give him a new sticker every good day, or a star chart in his bedroom.
Do the same in the morning if he has a dry night.
My nephew liked the sticker book and got so sick of us keep bringing him away from the games when he really didn't need to go that he started going when he did need to go...
That felt like a babble.. I hope it makes sense... :D xx

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