7 month old wakes every two hours in the nights and very clingy.

PAULA - posted on 03/14/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I don't know what else to do. He goes to sleep at 7 then wakes at 9 then 11 then again at 1, 3 and then after 5. He doesn't want to sleep in his crib anymore so I put him on the bed with me for a couple of days. He is very clingy and wants me to hug him all the time. When he realizes my arms are not around him, he wakes up and lie accross my chest or on the pillow with me. Is this one of the stages? If so, how long should I expect it to continue? or if not, what could it be?

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Denise - posted on 03/15/2010




I must be a very stict mom. When my daughter started doing this I let her cry it out. I left her in her crib to cry for short periods of time. After about two or three days she got used to the idea of falling asleep on her own. Now she tells me when she is ready to go to bed, drinks her milk and goes to sleep with no problem... Letting your baby get used to sleeping with you in your bed can turn into even more, bigger problems. I know of families where the daddy sleeps in the guest bedroom because the children are sleeping with mommy on the bed. For me that is worse than a baby crying for a couple of nights.

The fact that I was strict did not change my relationship with my baby at all, she still loves me and gives me plenty of huggs and kisses. Sometimes tough love is the way to go...

Jessica - posted on 03/14/2010




I also let my 6 month old sleep with me and my hubby. He sleeps so much better with us. When we try the crib he wakes up all the time. My advice is to indulge your babies need to cuddle with you. When you do, you are building a secure, trusting, loving relationship. The odds are eventually this need won't last long.

6-9 months is the time when separation anxiety begins so this is most likely your issue.

Good luck to you!!

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