a question for those who have/had strechmarks....

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thanks guys!!! i love this community, everyone is so supportive, im going to be going on vaca in october so it will give me more time to tone up and for the strechmarks to fade...im not a fan of one peices either!

Tiffany - posted on 03/24/2009




Girl, wear that bikini & wear it proud!!! Your body did exactly what it was designed for and yes we get a few battle wounds..lol..but there is no reason you can't wear that bikini. My body is a little thicker since having kids but that doesn't stop me. And stretch marks fade over time. You can help it along some with Bio Oil(my friends swear by it). I have always used straight cocoa butter which helps too.

Delia - posted on 03/24/2009




I wear a white tank top that is seethrough when wet so you can see the bikini, but not showing off the stretch marks. It works for me, no one pieces for me...not comfy.

Kristie - posted on 03/24/2009




That is a GOOD question because I ask it everyday of life.. I do see that mine are lightning up some though so there is hope!!

Jamie - posted on 03/23/2009




Who said you cant wear a bikini cause you have stretch marks? You grew a baby in your tummy, you gave life to that baby. Consider it battle scares and embrace your bikini body. I was scared at first to wear one, but got tired of wearing a one piece, so one day I put my bikini on, if someone has a issue with my body, sucks for them, cause Im damn sexy in my bikini, lol.

Amber - posted on 03/23/2009




Yea of course you can! Wearing a bikini the stretch marks fade a lot and hardly are noticable anymore. I wear my bikini again and my stretch marks have lighten up a ton.

Katie - posted on 03/23/2009




Don't worry, they may look horrid right now but they do fade away to your natural skin colour. Just keep using whatever lotion you were using while you were pregnant and they should fade within 9 months or so (I don't remember, I got so tired of checking often and just noticed one day that they weren't noticeable anymore.). Besides, I look at them as a badge of honor, I grew life inside of me; May as well embrace them, they're there! Your bikini days are not behind you!

Jen - posted on 03/23/2009




lol. I know I have a few on my sides and I still wear a bikini. I now wear a shirt with my bikini because my dauhgter likes to pull my top down. Your baby is a cutie by the way. I love that pose.

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