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I have a 4 yr old who began PreK this yr. He acts up every single day hes in school. Yesterday I had to be called by the Asst Principle and pick him up from school because of his behavior. He starts out the morning fine but by 10am, he's unmanageable. He won't sit for more than 15-20 at a time. He runs around while the rest of the class is trying to listen to what the teacher is talking about. He has these massive tantrums and fits when someone in authority tells him to do something. They've described him as getting very angry at times and seems that sometimes he cannot control himself. His attention span seems to be very short and he's easily distracted from what is going on at the moment. Sometimes if he doesnt want to to it, he'll go limp and fall down on the floor and has to be carried to whereever the class may be going. He bits, kicks, scratchs and hits the teacher and asst teacher. He's very smart and creative to be 4 yrs old. Hes very active and full of energy all the time. When I talk to him he completely understands that he has been bad at school but then the same behavior repeats again the next day. When he's at home, half of the things he does at school he doesnt do at home. I'm concerned that he may have ADHD. I need some advise please. Should I be concerned or is this just normal 4 yr old behavior?


Charity - posted on 09/25/2010




4yrs old is too young to diagnose ADHD. Most children that are creative and intelligent act out in school. School is boring and they like to challenge the status quo. If you put him on this kind of medication, it will change the way his mind works and he may lose creativity. He might also be causing problems because he knows that it makes mommy come to the school and what 4yr old doesn't want mommy to come rescue them from the big bad school? The best option for children like this is home school but if you can't do that, maybe a private school where he can have one on one attention or look into a school for talented and gifted children. In a school designed for children with high creativity levels, he could express himself and learn. There is a lot of research against drugs like these. Please research these drugs, research famous people like Thomas Edison that were considered trouble makers in school, and make the right decision that is best for your son.

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Elizabeth - posted on 11/05/2011




I have the same problem with my four year old only his is just the opposite he behaves at school but is totally unruly at home no matter what we do. We are now trying out second ADHD medicine and he has been really well behaved today however he is constantly moving his tongue. All I can say is good luck.

Aimee - posted on 10/01/2010




maybe he needs to go to a school were they can cantrol him my son hes 4 and has got adhd genralised global delay so he gets very fustrated and a normal nursery could not cope with his behaviour so he know goes to a special needs nursery every mornin and hes very happy and dont have many violent tantrums any more and his teacher can control him when he does as they are trained to do so hope this helps good luck

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