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my son has really bad stuffy nose. Its summer here and i think its the pollen but also as soon as the summer hit i got two kittens. He has been around cats his whole life (he is four months old) but not kittens they have been full grown cats. My mother in law thinks he is allegeric to the kittens but i dont think he is becuz he didnt have a really bad stuffed nose until the summer hit. Is it possible that even tho he has been around cats his whole life that he is allegeric to my kittens or could it just be the pollen. I need some advice if i should wait and see or get rid of the kittens right now and see if thats it.

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Hayley - posted on 07/09/2010




ok this is normal for many babies. my daughter went through that alot my doc said to use a nasil mist for babies and it will work to clear out the yuckies and it is safe for your baby its just saline so no worries or meds.

Tyneisha - posted on 07/09/2010




they can test for allergies but they can't prescribe your baby anything until he is about 6. You can give him drug free nonprescription little allergies. You rub it around his nose and its supposed to block the allergies. I think it's the heat though. I'd get him a cool mist humidifier so that it will moisten his nose and clear his nasal passages. Keep the house cool. alot of moms think that babies catch cold when the house is cool, but actually dry air makes them sick. my house stays at about 72 degrees. Also try not to keep taking him from cool air to the heat. When you go from cool air to hot air like that, you get stopped up and get a cold.

Arielle - posted on 07/09/2010




hey hunny... call the doc... they can do allergy tests, not sure if they do them when hes this young but u can ask, it could be the cats even tho he's been around them his whole life... it could be allergies like pollen, the pollens been really bad for ppl this year... it could be a summer cold or something too... jeffrey gets summer colds kinda off and on through out the summer... hope my little man feels better... give him kisses for me

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I also would doubt its the cats ? But if you are horribly concerned over it you can always ask your doctor to run an allergy test on your baby. I think my 9 mos old has a cat allergy, but one of those kinds that doesn't bother him to have cats in the same area just when they get all in his face and get dander all over him...He tends to rub his eyes alot after snuggling

Mary - posted on 07/07/2010




I dont think the kittens woukd be any different then the cats. He may be allergic to them at some point because you can develop allergies with time but I think its safe to say its in the air. My daughter gets all stuffed up too. I would say if it doesnt break with the weather ask the dr. I think your alright.

Jeneva - posted on 07/07/2010




I don't have any experience with allergies but I would assume if he hasn't had an issue with cats before, the kittens probably aren't the problem. It could be a pollen allergy or it could also be just teething. My kids both got runny, stuffy noses while cutting teeth. They also both got pretty bad colds around that age so it could be a number of things. Hopefully it will pass quickly but if it goes on for a week or if it gets worse with a fever or cough or something then take him to the pedi.

Hope he feels better soon!

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