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Hi all,

well, to start with i went to see my doctor yesterday, 'cause i've been crying, feeling like driving my car into a tree, and just not in the mood ever to be nice, i'm constantly tired... all thats keeping me going is my little princess.
so the doc put me on some meds, but i feel so guilty taking it. is this normal? is there any other moms feeling like this and also on meds?
i guess all i need is a little motivation in the sense that i'm not alone... :-)

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Amber - posted on 10/20/2010




ugh hello! No one wants to be medicated. I have acute anxiety and was prescribed for when im going nuts. i hate taking them, makes me feel even more crazy just having too. But I do notice the difference. Im much more approachable, sleep better...etc. Trust your doctor, take the meds. Even if its just for like a month or so....they do work. Or at least for me.

[deleted account]

it is natural to feel guilty about taking meds. I went through the same guilty feeling when I first got on my medication. But it will help you. It has helped me. In my lifetime I have gone through much depression. I have tried almost all of the different types they offer. Postpartum my doctor put me on Celexa and it helped tremendously! I felt no side effects as I did with the other medications. Don't feel guilty about taking it. You will feel better and your daughter can feed off your moods. She knows when you are depressed. It takes about a month for the meds to usually work in my experience, sometimes less. Stick in there and do what you need to do to feel better. This could just be a temporary thing.

Jessica - posted on 10/20/2010




It will be fine. There are plenty of women who get put on anti-depressants. I was on them younger and didn't think they helped me. Instead now I just see a therapist when I feel down and I am not getting ne where. It is a huge toll on a woman's body to have a baby and things just don't always go back to normal like they should. It is great that you have accepted it and moved forward in trying to make it better. The worst thing you could do is deny it and let it keep going. Everything is going to work out for the better and don't feel guilty about it. More people go through it then like to admit it and you are doing the right thing!

Jacquie - posted on 10/20/2010




My doctor put me on antidepressants the day after my son was born. I felt like I was failing him by having to be on the medicine. I felt really bad about it but now I realize it was the depression doing that. Please don't feel bad about having to use medication. Sometimes our bodies do funny things and depression is just another example of that.

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