anyone have the Iphone??? pros and cons??


Sammy - posted on 12/27/2009




I use my phone alot to take photos/videos of my daughter, it's always closer to me than my camera! But if I had known that the quality of photos were not that great I would have looked into different phones! It doesn't have a flash either, eventhough there are apps to brighten up the photo, it's just not the same!
But becides that I think it's pretty awesome!

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Mackenzie - posted on 12/26/2009




I have an IPhone and I LOVE it! Lots of great apps, and the touch screen is super easy to use. and there are alot of apps for kids so I can keep my 2 year old entertained in the car or shopping or wherever. The only down side for me is the high monthly bill, it comes to around $80 all told. But it is totally worth it in my opinion! Oh and another special little feature, when you're listening to music and someone calls you, it actually fades out the music when it rings and keeps it off while you talk. As soon as you hang up, the music comes back on. It's handy =)

Jamie - posted on 12/26/2009




I have an ITouch, and I know I wouldnt want an IPhone, maybe Im wierd, but I wouldnt like having my phone and my music on he same thing. Like in my car I have my Itouch hard wired into my car so it sits in the glove box, couldnt answer my phone that way.

Jessica - posted on 12/26/2009




My husband has one, LOVES it!!!! would devorce me and marry that in a second im sure!!! lol

I didnt like them at first, but once he got it and i played around with it, they are pretty good, they do everything you could want regarding the internet, very user friendly, the apps are great like banking ones, white pages, things like that internet is good, they are very loud.

A few down falls would be the touch screen you have to use your finger, cant use a nail so as a female who gets their nails done, can take a bit of getting used too. If you want to add a song as your ringtone you cant just click and drag from the comp like you might have done with an older phone, you have to convert the file to be able to use it as a ring tone. The processor of the older ones so the first ones that came out are really slooooowww so if you do get one make sure its the 3G S version they are much much faster!!!!. The only other down fall i found was you cant video call, cos there is no inward camera.

Other than that as long as you get it on a plan with internet access its a pretty awesome phone. To me if you don't have an internet plan with it, its pretty pointless, as most of the good applications need the internet to work.

You can also have them 'jail broken' now which means you will get all the apps for free, however this does void your warranty.

Happy deciding! =))

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