Anyone still having vivid dreams?

Cami - posted on 11/18/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




Okay so I know when you are pregnant experts say that some women have very vivid dreams...and I did...BUT I had my baby 2 1/2 months ago and my dreams are still so vivid that I wake up and have to think about rather the dream really happened or if it was just a dream! They aren't always bad dreams, sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are happy...I just want to know if I'm the only one still having the very real dreams after I've all ready given birth.


Kelsey - posted on 11/18/2009




I do too. Its usually hormones, your hormones wont be back to normal for quite a while, 3 months after I had my daughter I started to loose a ton of hair and got a horrible skin rash. Its all stopped now but my point is that hormones take a while to go back to normal.

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User - posted on 11/18/2009




When my son was about 4mos old I woke up in a panic thinking that my husband had rolled on top of our son in bed and was sufficating him. (We had never slept with our son in our bed though.) I pushed my husband over and started yelling at him that he was killing our baby. My husband woke up feaked out not realizing that I brought our son into our bed. I didn't calm down until I made my husband get out of bed all together and take off all the blankets, then I had to see our son sleeping in his crib before I finally went back to bed. Our son is now 18mos old and I actually did almost the identical thing to him last month as well. It doesn't help that I am also 5mos pregnant.

Danyella - posted on 11/18/2009




I've always had vivid dreams. Now that I'm pregnant, I really get confused as to whether it's happened or not! lol

Alison - posted on 11/18/2009




Yep, I still have them. I started having dreams about trying to kill spiders in the house when I was pregnant, and still do!! It's weird, just like real live only a little strange... I live in an area where we have lots of spiders, so that's not to abnormal around here LOL

Chantelle - posted on 11/18/2009




O yes i just dream every single night that my baby is in bed with me, best of all i never put her in bed with us

Michelle - posted on 11/18/2009




its been 21 months now and i still get them...its down to a number of things i.e being stressed, over tired, worried, thinking about too much at once. To help these dreams I'd say getting some cool down period before you go to bed....make sure that you have done your tasks for the day and you know what you need to do tomorrow, then forget about them. then have about an hour of time to yourself or you and your partner where you just watch tele and dont necessarily 'think'. also make sure you have 'talked' with your partner or someone about your thoughts, worries etc...and get problems off your chest.

Sometimes these dreams can be re-inactments of things that have already happened in your life, but with a funny or scary twist to them. A few weeks ago I went through a speed camera (not speeding,) but it flashed (most likely to the car on the opposite side of the road) and a couple days a go, I was driving through the same spot and got a bit freaked out and paranoid I had a speeding ticket coming to me through the post...I then thought really hard as th wether it was a dream or not..and it was, one Id had a few nights ago but it was hard to realise if it was real or fake....

Take a bath tooo and drink a nice cuppa...then relax and go to bed. See how things go.

Rachael - posted on 11/18/2009




I had very scary dreams when I was pregnant for Hunter. I remember all of them still like it was yesterday. I had dreams I was in car accidents and waiting for death. I dreamed end of the world stuff. I had a werid dream my husband and I were waiting for end of the world a light came on saying the end in the sky and my baby kicked in my stomach. I woke up in a panic. I was so excited it was a dream and it was a relief it wasnt real. I was always having horror dreams and I have no idea why. And I remember them still

Sharalyn - posted on 11/18/2009




I had my daughter 15 months ago and I still have vivid dreams but I always had them even before I was pregnant.

Heidi - posted on 11/18/2009




Your not alone. With my first son, they stopped within a few weeks of him being born. This time around not so easy to say. Hes 2 months old and I still have very vivid dreams. I asked my dr about it last week when i went in for my yearly. And he said it was competely normal. That it takes some women longer to shake them then others. It all has to do with our hormones :) If they arent all bad then I would be happy. I would say most of mine are bad :( And I wake scared.. :) Hopefully hes right and they go away soon!!

Megan - posted on 11/18/2009




I do ... you are not alone ... I had a dream about a phone call just last night and this morning it felt so real that I checked the call log in my cell phone just to see if i really talked to that person ... it was CRAZY!!!!!!

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