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Kat - posted on 01/03/2012 ( 14 moms have responded )




HELP!!!! Need baby shower game ideas, Shower is in 11weeks time and for a baby boy.

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Ashley - posted on 01/06/2012




Fill a baby bottle with m&ms and have everyone guess how many is in it. also fill a bottle with juice and whoever can drink theirs the fastest out of the baby bottles wins

Allison - posted on 01/06/2012




I like the games that are not over played (ie, guess mommy's belly size and don't say baby) at so many baby showers. Some of my favorites that we have played at the many showers I've hosted are: Guess the baby food- have 8-10 jars of baby food un-labeled (make sure you give each one a number and write down the flavor beside that # as you go) All the guests go down the line sampling each food and writing down their guess as to what flavor it is, the one who gets the most right wins. Have an extra jar in case a tie breaker is needed. Feed the baby- 2 person team game, One person will play the part of the baby, and be fed bye the other, who plays the part of the mommy. The catch is the one playing baby has their hands secured behind their back and the mommy has to be blind folded and feeds the baby. First team to finish feeding baby wins. This one gets a lot of laughs. ( I purchased sample spoons from Marble Slab creamery, they gave me a good price, and I couldn't find any elsewhere, of course I bought an ice cream from them too, didn't feel like it was right to just buy their spoons and not an ice cream, lol)
Another baby feeding game. You can have as many people on a team as you need, to get everyone involved, and as many teams. It is a relay game, you have a "Mommy", and a "Baby" player. Mommy will hold the baby and feed her a bottle, no removing the nipple, but I would suggest getting a faster flow nipple or making the hole bigger. The other team members have to "prepare" the bottle. eather member has a job, starting from removing the lid, to filling, to capping, then shaking, checking temp, racing bottle to mommy. Feel free to add or remove parts as needed to adjust to your team size. If you need more you can go beyond feeding the baby to rinsing the bottle. The first team to finish wins, and baby has to finish the bottle. I would use water. As an option the mommy of honor can keep the bottles for her baby, after a good cleaning of course.
Pass the Paci, another team relay game. Each player gets a straw and lines up, they must hold the straw in their mouth and keep their hands behind their back, and pass a pacifier (the kind with a loop, handle) from straw to straw to the end of the line. First team to finish wins.
Guess the # of diapers- Roll newborn size diapers and stuff them inside a non-transperent bucket, as many as you can fit. Write down how many there are on a piece of paper fold it and place it on top of the diapers. Put the lid on and tape it shut. Each guest will write down their name and guess on a piece of paper and drop it into a basket, cup, bowl or something. Closest guess wins. Mommy gets to have the diapers and bucket too if you want. I purchased one of those big buckets the Wal-Mart bakery has for their icing. They sold me a clean empty one for $1.

What mommy and daddy will say when baby arrives- Secretly write down things that mommy and daddy say while opening gifts, and later announce to the group what you were doing and that the following things are things that mommy and daddy will say when the baby arrives, read from your list. The mommy at the party we played this at, said things like of course, "awww how cute", "what is that?!", "what do you do with it?", "thank you so much!"

If it is a co-ed party- you can have the men place an inflated balloon under their shirt, and wrap a string around their shoe and have them attempt to "tie their shoe laces" with their "pregnant belly"

We love the my water broke game previously mentioned as well, with the baby in the ice cube.

Debi - posted on 01/05/2012




The following games were a big hit at a shower I hosted:

Poopy Diaper - melt/squish different types of chocolate candy bars into diapers and the guests have to smell/inspect them to guess the correct candy bar.

Baby Maker - guests try to create the best looking baby from playdoh.

Custom Bibs - plain cotton bibs (walmart has 10 packs cheap) decorated by guests with non-toxic permanent fabric markers.

Good Luck!

Lori - posted on 01/04/2012




We did lots of games at my sisters showers and at mine. There were a couple that were fun and made us laugh.

1- Draw the Baby. Everyone gets a paper plate and something to draw with. The guests place the plate on top of their head and then attempt to draw what they think the baby will look like. After about a minute everyone gets to look at their picture. The best one wins a prize and the mom gets to keep the drawings.

2- Diaper the Baby. It is like a three-legged race but with your hands. Teams of 2 have a hand tied to their partner and have a minute to put a diaper on a baby doll. You have to start with the diaper completely folded as if it came right from the pack. The fasted team wins a prize.
My little sister and I won this one in about 15 seconds. She is left-handed and I am right-handed, so our dominate hands were free while our others were tied together. It amazed everyone how fast we were.

Nicole - posted on 01/04/2012




We played mold a baby out of play doh. We gave everyone 5 minutes and the mom to be got to pick first second and third place. It is a fun game.

Elizabeth - posted on 01/03/2012




We got a package of 10 white baby onsies and clothing paint, and let the girls get together into groups/individuals and have a contest of designing their own baby onsie. When we were done, each girl laid their own onsie against their chest and we took a picture of everyone together that way.

A nice bonus is that I (the mom) got to keep the onsies each friend made and dress my girls in them.

Taku - posted on 01/03/2012




Cherades relating to baby stuff(always a good laugh). Another is a team relay type game for all to join or those who like to play games. Teams of 3. Number each player 1-3.Team player one has to pull tissues out of a box as fast as possible to tag the next player(like 'min to win it'), the tissues represent the endless amount of babywipes the mother will use.Player 2 then has to wash the dirty doll(that's meant to be a baby-get a cheap baby doll from a thrifty shop or some kid you know). The dolls should be dirty and gross. Have small bowls ready to get them to wash it with baby soap or something cheap. Can be in the one sink if need be. The 2nd player then dries the doll and grabs three diaper pins and throws it near the third player who's on the floor blindfolded.3rd player tries to find the pins and the diaper that'll be placed somewhere near them. Then they take the blinds off and put diaper on doll. First to finish wins. then you add little prizes for the cleanest baby etc. Alternatively you can change the game completely and do other things.

Chasie - posted on 01/03/2012




The games we played were all kinda the typical shower games, but the one that wasn't was a hit! It's called break the water. You freeze a tiny baby in a ice cube and the persons who's melts first wins! It's up to the host wether they can induce or not (put cup over a lamp, bite off ice, etc..). The other one was not as big of a hit but to have everyone make the mom to be a scrapbook page about how they know her and/or greeting the new baby!

Caroline - posted on 01/03/2012




at my baby shower we had a game of hangman after everyone had eaten and we were trying to settle down for a moment. We used baby words it was fun. We also had relay games to see who could diaper the baby and dress the baby the fastest this is sooo much fun. We had a guessing game of items commonly found in most diaper bags. Each person got to feel things and then had to write their answers down and the person with the most answers win. We also had a game where each person had the word baby and try to figure out the most words by using the word baby. Since my baby shower was in October, we had a costume party and had to judge the best costume. Also we did the diaper and chocolate bar game and guess the baby food. Hope you have fun at your shower. Bye for now, Caroline

Karen - posted on 01/03/2012




the games that were played at my shower were - (kinda gross but lots of laughs) melt chocolate into a diaper and guess what kind of bar it is, guess the baby food and guess the size of the preggo belly (have each guest tear off toilet paper to the length that they think will go around the belly. have each person wrap their piece around the belly and closest wins)

Kimberly - posted on 01/03/2012




Give everyone a soother/dummy and make the rule that you cant say 'baby or bub' and if you do and get caught you lose your soother/dummy at the end of the party the person with the most wins. Take words that refer to baby stuff so like blanket, car seat, bouncer, and rearrange the words and see who can figure out the most words in two minutes, get people to take a piece of string that they think will be the size of your belly then have everyone put it around your belly, closet person wins. Have everyone hold a baby in one hand and see how many clothes pegs they can get off the clothes line using only one hand. Since your having a boy have a page lettered from a to z and make everyone come up with a boys name in one minute for each letter. Get a little note book and have everyone write there top tip or piece of advise in the book for you to keep once baby comes very cute keepsake. hope that gives you some ideas

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