Bad influences in the media.

Amanda - posted on 04/18/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




So what do you moms think about how the famous people influence young girls and boys with body images, self confidence, and respect for the other sex. I think that most celebrities and models have lost my vote for influence on the young. Teaching boys to ogle at women. Teaching girls that if you don't dress in clothing that barely covers their breast and butt that boys wont look your way, and if you aren't a size zero your too fat. I think everyone is perfect they way they are. So moms what is your take on this. And what would you do to teach your child that they are acting like well stupid.

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Sherre - posted on 04/19/2010




My child is not old enough to watch or read about celebrities and the wannabes. But I will teach my son to know better and have respect for both genders. I partly blame other mothers as well because although we should be able to have people to look up to, my son will look up to me and God. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Hannah Montana eventually go spiraling down. The parent(s) should use their best judgement on these and other famous people before hand.

Valerie - posted on 04/19/2010




there are a lot of negative influences all around...or there are a lot of teachable moments where you can share in a positive and respectful way with your child what you think is appropriate, acceptable and why...when you see a potential problem get curious not furious...ask what questions to learn what the thnking and actions are about...set clear boundaries about what is acceptable...see the good in your child and acknowledge that more than the corrections..."I really appreciated your helpfulness when you..." You really are kind. The way you..." seeing the good of their character helps it to grow...modesty and moderation might be things to talk about in terms of dress and fashion and always in a positive encouraging and uplifting way...

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