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My baby has bronchiolitis. He had it so badly about a month ago that he actually needed to be admitted to hospital. Is it advisable to wash my baby's hair every night like I use to. I normally bath my baby at night and that's usually when I wash his hair. In the mornings I just give him a quick wipe. Please advise.

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Sunny - posted on 03/24/2010




My son had the same issues and spent over a week in hospital at 11 weeks he had it 5 more times before he was diagnosed with asthma at 2. He has a puffer now and i only use soap free natural shampoo once a week (its surprising because he is about to turn 3 and everyone always says how soft his hair is) and i use natural oils in his bath instead of soap. We also limit dairy and he hasnt had an attack in over 18 months so we must be doing something right.

Chantal - posted on 03/24/2010




Thanks for your reply Josslyn.

I didnt think it was advisable to wash his hair often as I was too afraid that it would just worsen his condition and I too have always ensured that I kept his chest warm. I usually dress him in body vest and then a short sleeve t-shirt or a long sleeve t-shirt over that depending on the weather. My son also needs to be nebulized every night and every morning. and yes we have taken him to a specialist. At the moment he is monitored by his paediatrician. In three weeks time I'm taking him for his next follow up appointment and then we'll see how his doing. Fortunately the wheezing on his chest is gone and his not coughing that much. I really hope this all passes soon :)

Josslyn - posted on 03/24/2010




My little brother is bronchiole asthmatic, He was in and out of hospital as a baby and my mum was told not to wash his hair too often and keep his chest covered most of the time. They don't get up to too much mischief at an early age so his hair won't get that dirty.

He was nebulized every night and his room humidified before he went to bed.

Have you taken him to see a specialist for this or have you just been to the GP?

You are his mum and if you feel this will improve his situation then follow your instincts.

I think your on the right path :) Good luck

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