Brushing teeth and clipping nails

Crystal - posted on 07/16/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son Aiden throws a fit whenever I try to clip his nails. I have to sit him in my lap and hold down his arms. Well that aggravated him more and he screams bloody murder. I feel like a terrible mom for having to hold Aiden down just to clip his nails. Afterward he runs away from me and he kind of ignores me. The same happens when I try to brush his teeth. My mom told me to wait until he goes to sleep at night and then clip his nails. But he sleeps in his crib and it seems like it would be very difficult to do it while he is laying down. I just don't know what to do. There has to be an easier way to get both things done.

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Erin - posted on 07/17/2010




what i did with my son is i made it fun for him. clipping his nails especially. I would clip most off and let him take off the last bit. he enjoyed that. and it made it fun for him.

As for brushing his teeth find ways to make that fun as well. let him do it and only help if hes missed a spot or something. that is my idea and what may help! GOOD LUCK!

Jeneva - posted on 07/16/2010




Have you tried brushing your teeth with him? Show him it's fun and let him play with it a little before you try and help him. Just getting him used to the idea. My daughter loves it and has no problems but my son hates for me to help so it is a fight but singing helps. Maybe make up a teeth brushing song!

Also with the nail clipping. I find that if I sit down and do mine (pretend of real) both my kids want it done to them. So they sit on my lap and I talk about what I'm doing. My son still fusses sometimes and when he does I let him get up and we try it another time. I'm not so concerned with the nails as I am with the brushing.

Anyway... try and make it fun

Kristen - posted on 07/16/2010




I tell my 2 children that if they let mommy brush their teeth first, they can have the tooth brush and then brush their own when i'm done. That works for me. As for the clipping, my kids hated it and I realized that I was so tense when I went to do it, in anticipation of the fight, that I was squeezing their hands to tight. Im not sure if this is your problem but just try to be really relaxed and calm and hopefully he will follow suit.

Rachel - posted on 07/16/2010




Maybe let him play with the tooth brush to get used to it. thats what I did with my son when he was little he also liked to chew on it when he was teething since he wouldnt chew on a teething ring or anything. and as for the nail clipping as your mom said it is probably easier to do when he is asleep. I dont know how old he is but it might scare him. Good luck i hope it helps

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