cant get my 3 year son potty trained

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My son was into the potty training from 1 1/2 but as soon as he got the idea he wanted nothing to do with it anymore! He just turned three and absolutely wants nothing to do with it! I tried yelling, bribing and taking toys away. He only does it when he wants. I'm backing off but getting frustrated!


Yvette - posted on 11/04/2009



1 son has just turned 4, and he was the same way. He was into his potty for a bit, and then became disinterested in it. It happens. I had a lot of help from my mother in-law though. We looked it up on the internet and he was becoming potty training resistant. It did take a loooooong time, but it will happen. You just have to be patient, and just like you I was getting very impatient. I thought that he would go to school still in pull ups. During the day put on real underwear, sometimes what helps is if you let him choose his underwear. They get excited about it. Watch how much they drink, don't force him to sit on the potty. A few times of wetting himself may help out, the feeling isnt so good. Encourage him to go, and be very happy and excited when they do. When you yell and take toys away, they are going to get scared and may not want to go at all. and they don't necessarily understand what is going on and why they are being punished. Boys are generally harder to train. All my son wanted to do was play play play and not want to take the time to understand that feeling of when you have to go.

But good luck, and it will happen. Remember he did just turn 3!

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