Cards sent to Baby

Amber - posted on 02/16/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Do you keep the cards that your baby receives?

From the showers, her birth, Christmas, and now Valentines Day, they are stacking up, and she's only 2 months old! It's nice to know she is loved, but I feel bad somehow for throwing them out!

What do you do with yours?

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I bought a photo box and stored them. I keep every birthday card my kids get every year. My daughter is five and my son if four and they LOVE looking through the cards they got when they were born! Once their grown I'm passing those stored cards to them and they can do with them what they want.

Karen - posted on 02/16/2010




i keep a few (ones from people we see often) and i glue them into a scrap book

Tcordukes - posted on 02/16/2010




hi when i got married my mother made an album of ouur wedding cards and acceptence cards since having our 2 kids i have keep the cards we recieved when they where born and there 1st birthday aswell, then i just kept the important ones... nan and pop etc...

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