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HI all,

I have been really struggling for the past few weeks/couple months. I keep going back and forth between what to do for a career. Here are my three choices:

1. Stay with my current career. Its pretty stable. I spend a considerable amount of time away from my baby/home. I am pretty tired at the end of the day, so housework and getting in quality time with the fam is pretty hard. I feel only slightly passionate about what I'm doing. However, I do get 10 weeks vacation every year. My work days last from 8am to between 4pm-10pm, depending on the day.

2. Change to a job where I would be very passionate about what I"m doing. The stability would solely depend on my successes at work. My successes would mostly depend on my time and committment to my work, and I would basically set my own schedule. I would have to do a fair amount of traveling. My time spent away from my family would really be determined by me, but it would again be pretty sufficient in order to be successful, and therefore stable. I would, however, get about 8 weeks of vacation a year.

3. Change to a job where I would be semi-passionate about my job, but I would work from home. I could keep my baby home with me, but I would be some-what distracted by my job. My job stability would probably be fairly stable, but I would be self-employed, so comes all of the pros and cons with that. I would only get about 2 weeks of vacation a year.

Has any one else faced this challenge? What are some things I should think about? I keep waivering back and forth between all three, and my mind changes daily, depending on which argument I hear/think about. Suggestions, advice, etc. would be much appreciated!!!!!


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In this day and age it is hard to say what you should do.  Have you sat down with your husband and looked at the finances to see if starting over is going to work for you?  Ultimately you will have to decide what is best for you and your family.  GOOD LUCK!

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