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my daughter, who is four months old is constipated. she will poop every 2-3 days and its really hard poop. she eats cereal and pureed food. and any suggestions how to relieve her. i tried the thermometer trick, didn't work. anything else? i know shes so young and there isn't much. just wondering :)

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Dawn - posted on 02/23/2010




My daughter had the same problem when she was 2 months. One unpleasant tasting option is diluted prune juice... What worked best for me was caro syrup. I'd just add a teaspoon to her bottle. It usually worked in 30 minutes and left my gabby a happy baby. Good luck. I hope at least one of these works for you

Nicola - posted on 02/23/2010




my daughter who is 5 months has been gettin constipated since she was newborn, the only thing that helps is giving her a little bit of cow & gate comfort milk, normally i change her milk to the comfort milk for a day to help get things moving then put her back on to her usual milk again the next day! i hope this helps you out

Kristi - posted on 02/23/2010




You really don't want to give babies anything like the apple juice cause it is full of sugar and it can be hard to feed babies boring veggies when they are getting a taste of yummy sweet things. My first daughter had it really bad and even split her bottom, she would scream cause it would split every time she poo'd. I went to the doctors and was recommended Coloxyl drops. Depending on the babies age is how many drops you add into the babies bottle. You can just go into the chemist and buy them without a prescription.. Only use untill the baby poo's as the baby's insides can get dependant on them.. Also give your bub 20 to 30mls of water a day as well as the babies milk bottle.. Good luck

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My son went through the same things,I picked up a jar of prune and oat baby food and withing two hrs he got it out...he is 17 months old and to this day I make sure I give him prunes once a day to avoid the whole thing

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I was told by my doctor that constipation can be caused if bub isn't ready for solids yet. Maybe you could try going back to just breast/formula and seeing if that relieves it? At 4mths old it won't hurt for her to be on only milk for a bit longer

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I had to take my son (now 2) to the ER they had to give him medication for it. We had tried everything! If you can't get any of this to work take her to the Dr or ER it's the safest thing you can do.

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Somebody had mentioned a little Caro Syrup. This is a safe way of relieving constipation. Mix some with her formula. After you give her the caro syrup, burp her like normal so she doesn't throw up and then lay her on her back and move her legs as though she is bicycling. This also will help with any gas.
If this doesn't help, I would contact her pediatrician.
Good Luck!

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my daughter was 6weeks old when she first got constipated, she is now almost 3. We tried literally everything. We took her to the doctor's and the emergancy room all the time because whatever we tried it either made her sick or it just didnt work at all. We tried prune juice, apple juice, orange juice, suppositories, put more water in her bottles, laculose syrup, gripe water...nothing worked. To this day, the doctor's never found out why she was so constipated as a baby.

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Same, I give my kids apple or prune juice mixed with a bit of water.
Worked great for them.

Sarah - posted on 02/22/2010




try prune juice watterd down, my son has sufferd with it he is 9 today hes had it since he was 3 months old i strongly recomend NO laxitives they made my son end up with a lazy bowel ,fruit, watter, steamed vegies, also movement try moving bubs legs in bike movements , massage alo helps

Kylie - posted on 02/22/2010




There is a whole range of stuff you can do help. There is massage leg roatations that help to relieve discomfort when they are going, prunes juice is a good natural remedy, also infants friend ( available at chemist ) helps with constipation and is all natural. If is cause her real discomfort though it is best to take her to a doctor, they can prescribe you a dextrose syrup that is very effective :)

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