cot play... ok??? is it ok to let a baby play in there after waking?

Emma - posted on 11/18/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




hi i have a 5 month old baby girl who is very demanding and unsettled but lately i have noticed she is happy to play on her own in her cot for a little while when she wakes or just if i put her there to do something ie: shower cause i know she is safe, however if i get her outta bed n let her play on the floor or put her in her swing it last about 5mins before she is winging and crying unless she has myundivided attention.

so im asking if you think it is ok to leave her in her cot for while when she wakes up if she is happy or put her in there to play because it seems to make her happy or will this cause confusion with her understanding of what it means to be put in there eg time for sleep.

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Sarh - posted on 11/18/2010




My son is also 5 months old. He sleeps 9-12hrs, at least that is about how long he is in his crib. He doesn't make any noise through the night as he is a thumb sucker, so he soothes himself back to sleep that way, but in the mornings he lays in his crib and plays, talks to god knows who or what, etc. If she is content and safe in there why wouldn't it be ok?!
it has not caused confusion for my son, if I lay him in his crib for nap time or bed time, he will talk for a bit and then he falls asleep. I wouldn't put her in there just because she is content in there, but it is fine if she stays for a bit after waking up if she is happy.

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I let me son play. I never had a problem with him distringuishing between bedtime/naptime and other times, as bedtime/naptime has a specific ritual.

Casey - posted on 11/18/2010




Thats a tough one, I have always believed that the bed or cot should only be for sleeping in to avoid any confusion but obviously you need to shower and get stuff done, hmmmm have you had a look around at different play pens or activity centres? maybe if your lounge room is big enough you could get something like that for her to play in and you can get some cool ones with different objects and activities attached to it.
But if the cot is working for you then theres no reason to stop but if sleep problems begin to arise in the future then just cross that bridge when you come to it.

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