daughter refusing to eat

Danielle - posted on 02/15/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 11 1/2 month old little girl has started refusing to eat today. She usually has 3 8oz bottles a day (breaky, lunch, supper) as well as three meals a day of food (4tbsp only as she has never been a big eater). Today she ate breakfast (7:30am), but come lunch (1:00pm) she only drank an ounce or two of her bottle and maybe a tbsp of her food. At supper (6:30pm) she would not eat any food nor even put her bottle in her mouth.

I am wondering if maybe this is attributed to teething? She has 4 teeth but the only symptom she ever had was with the first two teeth and that was a diaper rash. I think she is going to pop another 2 teeth soon as I can see them through her gums and really feel them. She also had a temp yesterday of 38.4 C or 101.4 F yesterday which I broke overnight with tylonol and she was back to normal this morning. I am concerned and not sure what to do. I know she will not starve herself and eat when she is hungry but she is small as it is and I dont want her to get hospitalized for dehydration or anything. She will not even drink water/juice out of her sippy cups! HELP PLEASE!


Sharlie - posted on 02/16/2011




she might be coming down with a sickness, both of mine go off food a day or two before they get ill, otherwise they are big eaters!! Your right, this could also be to do with teething as its painful and probably puts her off eating. Try her with ice lollies or jelly, they are full of water and ice lollies will soothe her gums if she is teething!! hope she gets well soon x

Megan - posted on 02/15/2011




i would say it is definatly teething. especially if you can see them under the gums. i dealt with that with my twin girls. about the dehydration, have you tried those net feeders at all? i would put ice cubes in it and give it to them so it hydrates, numbs and helps break the teeth in. you might give it a shot. and if you don't have one of those just get a wash cloth and hold it with the ice in it for your baby to chew on.

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