Diarrhea in 1 month old... What to do?

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My 1 month old has had diarrhea but its not everyday. He has had about 4 diarrhea diapers in total. Not sure what is going on but I bought some Pedialyte just in case he dehydrates. Also, whenever I feed him his formula bottle, he gets really fussy(even when the bottle is in his mouth). I try to burp him everytime in between whenever he does that, but he still does it whenever I give the bottle back. What should I do? Should I feed him straight Pedialyte for a day? How long should I wait if this situation doesn't resolve by itself?


Cynthia - posted on 07/20/2011




I would definitely call the DR. Obviously this is abnormal enough for you to be concerned. It's not normal for a baby that age to have diarrhea. Could very well be that he needs a different type of formula!! Good luck!!!

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Elizabeth - posted on 05/31/2012




Call your doctor ASAP and get an appointment. With a baby so young, you never want to give pedialyte or any other liquid other than formula/breastmilk without consulting with your doctor. Also, it may not be diarrhea. Babies who are not on solids yet typically have very runny poop, really anything thicker than peanut butter consistency can signal constipation. I remember both of my boys having very runny poop as infants and nothing was wrong. Their poop didn't become more formed until they started solids. I would be more concerned about the fussiness with feeding than the actual poop but the two could be related. The pediatrician is really the only person who can diagnose and see what could possibly be going on.

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I would take him to the pediatrician today. He might need to change formula. I would not give him pedialyte unless your dr recommends it, it can make diarrhea worse. Call your doctor :)

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