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My mom is having surgery on aug 4th and I would like to be there. we need to be at the hospital 2 hrs early and her surgery will last 3 hrs and then you have an hr of recovery so we might be there for 6 to 7 hrs. I have a hard time trusting people. Even family members and its so hard for me to find a babysitter because i dont feel comfortable with someone else watching my daughter ! I dont want to take my daughter to the hospital with us because she will have nothing to do. My daughter will be 2 on aug 30th and she likes to run and play and she is roudy. But i am really nervous about getting a babysitter. its a fear that i have. i fear the worst. like will they beat her ? will they spank her for no reason ? will they feed her when she is hungry ? will they make sure she has water or juice in her sippy cup ? Will they change her diapers or will they let her diaper get really full before they change it ? will she come home with a rash ? will they mistreat her ? will they keep an eye on her and make sure she isnt getting into something she isnt supost to be in ? i can go on and on and on. Im a first time mother and she is my only child i dont want anymore and i think that is the reason i am so PROTECTIVE over her. these trust issuses is making everything worse ! I need to be there for my mother but when you have nothing but fear of leaving your child with someone it really makes you sick ! So my question is Do you have trust issuses with babysitters ? I dont mean people you dont know. ( I would NEVER leave my child with someone i dont know ) i mean family members? I need help !! I dont know what to do !!

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Only family members have babysat our children. I was a senior in high school when I had my daughter and her father was out of high school out of college and had a full time job, so my husbands sister babysat while I was at school and while my husband was at work then a few months his sister couldn't do it anymore so my sister babysat and babysat also my parents babysat every once in awhile as did my husbands parents till she was old enough to be home by herself. One time my best friend watched her too, other than that I don't believe in day cares since alot of germs and kids passing on sickness didn't want my daughter around that. Now with our new little one my husband works midnights and I work during the day so we don't need a sitter. But there is a few times that my husbands parents babysat when our son couldn't go with us.

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I have several people that I trust my kids w/.... if I didn't trust them, we wouldn't be friends. Do you have trust issues w/ people in general?

Do you have any friends/family members w/ kids and you like how they treat their kids?

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The first time is the hardest. It is normal to have a little anxiety the first time, it seems that your anxiety is overwhelming you. You might talk to a professional as to why? Either way eventually you will need a babysitter, so you need to find someone you trust. If you can't trust family ask a friend. Ask other moms who they use and trust and meet that person and have them meet and get to know your daughter so they are not strangers. I also make a detailed list for the babysitter. Google babysitter checklists for ideas. I am sure you can find a baby sitter that will cherish your daughter and will treat her very well.

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I kind of had to just suck it up, pick the person I trusted most, and hoped for the best. I also called and checked on them frequently. Everything was fine, and the only way you're going to ge used to it is to start doing it. The first time is always the hardest.

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