Do you have to replace plastic bottles?

Anita - posted on 03/16/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just wondering do you have to replace plastic bottles?
If so how often?
I replace the teats every 3 months & I sterilise my bottles properly.
Any advice will be much appreciated..

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This is very good question. Huh. It makes me wonder. I use that bottle brush that Christina Prato suggested and it is pretty good. At first, because it is new, it was hard to get it in the bottle (I use the thin Dr. Browns) but it works good once you can eventually get it in the bottle. I like you replace the nipples every three months and since I use the Dr. Browns, I replace the inside tubes every three months as well. I sterilize then every day as well. I think this should be good enough, but maybe you should ask an expert. Again this is a very good question. Good luck!

C. - posted on 03/17/2010




I used Playtex Drop-Ins for the most part (I used Avent on occasion). Yes, the newer bottles are scratch resistant, but some of the bottle brushes are too coarse. They have bottle brushes with softer bristles (my favorites are Parent's Choice, Munchkin and Circo- if they even make the Circo ones anymore, those were my absolute favorite and I can't find them anywhere.) They also have a new bottle brush that has silicone bristles, so it can't scratch the plastic ( If the bottles don't get scratched, they shouldn't need replaced until they crack.

Victoria - posted on 03/16/2010




It depends. Plastic has micro cracks in it that can harbor bacteria; however the newer bottles out right now are supposed to resist against that. I would suggest using the Gerber bottles with the inserts. Much of the contact with the fluid will not be on the bottle itself unless spilled and the nipples. But, if you have been using a sterilizer and allowing them to dry properly, you should be fine. Hope that helps.

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