does anybody have any tricks on potty trainning?

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Amanda - posted on 03/02/2009




If you have a boy you can try cherrios in the toilet that he can try to sink and if you have a girl I but one of those blue tablet in the tank to make to water turn blue and when she went it turned green she was very amazed and she also learned mixing certain colors make other colors

User - posted on 03/02/2009




Ive learned that If you wait till they are old enough they basicly potty train themselves and learn much faster.  My son potty trained himself at 3.  He had interest in the potty at 18 months and then went through a period where he wanted nothing to do with it and at 3 years old one day he just decided it was time and has used the potty ever since, even staying dry at nap time and nighttime :)  Honestly I thought the day was never going to come, and when he decided he was ready there was no work required.  I recommend putting them in underwear though when you are ready to train, it may make a mess when they have an accident but they are much more aware that they wet theselves and can learn from it.  Plus it makes them feel like a big boy/girl and you can get them the kind with transformers or dora or whatever they are into and you can use them as an incentive "we don't want to get dora wet so we need to use the potty" or "we need to try and use the potty if we want to wear the big boy/girl transformer/dora undies".  Having said that, if and when they do have an accident, let them know accidents happen and we just have to try and get it in the potty next time.  Try to keep the potty a positive fun thing so they don't just learn to hate it.  We used a sticker chart too.  They get a sticker for evertime they use the potty and once the chart is filled up with 10 stickers then they get to go pick out a new hot weels car.  That way they get to pick a sticker as an immediate reward but also have a bigger reward they are working towards.

[deleted account]

I started training my daughter at 1 1/2. she was fully potty trained by 2....though at 3 we still have occasional night time accidents. I started with just buying the potty and letting her play with it so she would feel comfortable with it. After a few weeks, I would take her into the bathroom with me and she would pretend while I used the potty. Eventually I just let her run around naked ( for about 2 to 3 weeks) and she had a few accidents...which she would "help" me clean up but she really was excited about using the potty and being a big girl. We also did the sticker chart thing. A sticker for everytime she used the potty and after 5 stickers she got a piece of candy. It's a process and it takes time and tons of effort. Just stay patient and consistent. ALso remember boys are supposed to be harder than girls.

Naomi - posted on 03/02/2009




I am in the same boat you are in right now. I am getting ready to try and potty train my 2 year old. The advice i received was to get a potty chair and let them go naked or get thick potty training panties.  

Also have a set of stickers when they sit on the potty and don't do anything but have some kind of treat that they really like in a visible spot. When they ask for it, you tell them they have to go potty in the toilet to get a treat. 

the treat can be something like M&M's or some kind of small candy that they wont get too overloaded on sugar by doing it. 

Also you should try to dedicate a good 3 days to do this and give them lots of water or watered down juice so they have the opportunity to sit on the potty and pee. I have yet to try it. but if it works for you let me know. I am trying to find those 3 days to dedicate myself. 

Laura - posted on 03/02/2009




When my 2 year old son was ready to potty train, we just went all for it. I stay at home so it is easy to do during the day but it might be harder if you work. But we just either let him run around without underwear or in undies but no pants, and that way he could get to the bathroom quicker. It took him about 3 months to go potty without waiting til the last minute -- but he didnt have any accidents, he would just run at the last second til he could sense it better.

We didn't use pull-ups (other than long car rides, initially) because I think they are just glorified diapers and he couldn't tell the difference. He wet the bed a few times at night but woke up uncomfortable and soon learned to sense it for himself and prevent accidents. It was worth it not to waste time and money with pullups.

Katie - posted on 03/02/2009




We started our daughter at 2 years 6 months and I really think that leaving it that little bit later helped as she was able to communicate to us whether she needed to go or not and just had more understanding than she may have done at an earlier stage. We just took her out of nappies and straight into pants so when she wet herself she felt wet, also as it was summer we sometimes let her go bare bottomed and just took the potty with us around the house so it was never too far away! just be persistent and take your child to the potty/toilet at regular intervals. Rewards also work quite well. As for night time - we've only just tackled that, but she has been dry for 1.5 weeks in the night now - hooray! Just got to do it all again with my youngest now!

Alison - posted on 03/02/2009




My daughter has  just acomplished the task of being potty trained, she just turned two and people were telling me all the time it was to early to potty train her.. I just started putting her in big girl panties all day at home and pull ups while we were out.. And after doing this a couple weeks its like it just clicked.. She has had maybe 4 accidents in the last month this is including nap time, bed time and while we are out.. Which i believe id extremely good. Just try to keep them in panties all day while at home they will get it when they are ready, but you also have to be ready to stick with whatever method you decide to choose.. GOOD LUCK!!! : )

Anita - posted on 03/01/2009




My son is  2 1/2 and is in a program called birth to three.  The teacher told me to try to start potty training.  He wasnt showing any signs of wanting.  4 weeks ago I started and the first week was miserable.  He would go once in a while in the potty but then would go in his pants.  I was asking him every 30 min if he had to go.  The first week made me want to give up, BUT the second week came.  He started to take of his diaper by his self, and I told him if he wanted that off he had to be a big boy and start to go on the potty.  After the second weeks hes been awesome!!! I started to take him every 30 min and asking him.  Now he tells mom and dad when he has to go pee, well instead of pee he says " mom i gotta go poopy!" Nap time he doesnt need a diaper but at night I still put one of just in case.  Most times its dry though, so I think the first week might be a lil touph but after that they will understand the concept!

Erica - posted on 03/01/2009




My daughters dr told me to not worry bout potty training...she said most children arent ready until they are 3! she also said that they will let you know by signs when they are ready to start the training. my daughter has been getting interested in going, but she has only actually peed in her potty like 3 times ha.  she sits on it various times a day but does nothing.  so just dont rush them, because sometimes in the long run it can mess up the whole training issue and make it more complicated. :)

Melissa - posted on 03/01/2009




For my daughter she was 3 by the time we finally potty trained her. She lost interest after her sister was born. So eventually after all the frustration, we had tile floors and pergo so it was easy to wipe up. I put underwear on her and let her run! So she would wet her pants or poop and I would make her go dump her undies herself and so on. I also tried to use the insentives that she could pick out whatever underwear she wanted and princess sheets for her big girl bed as soon as she stopped going potty in her pants. ;p Then I promised Polly Pockets after she was completely trained. I know it's lots of bribery, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do as I am sure you know!!!

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