ex trying to get sole custody after i found out he had sex in front of our son

Julianne - posted on 07/10/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My sons father is trying to take my son away from me, beaucse I took our son to a therapist. My ex told me he doesn't condone him getting help and if I attemp to seek help "he will get custody" The reason I took him to a therapist was becuase of his father and his girlfriend were having sex in front of him and he has some mild anger issues. My son had told me what he heard and seen his father doing, so I called CPS and they told me since he is not in any danger or being touched they can't do anything. His father refused to give him his own room for his own selfish reason beause he wanted "man room." My ex is saying I abuse my kids. which is far beyond true. I hate even putting them in time out, but kids need punishment. He is saying I have to get a job to support our son, but i'm a stay at home mother of three children ages 5, 1, and 4 months. Do you think the judge can court order me to get a job even though I feel it is important for me to raise my children, not a daycare. I would be working jut to put them in daycare. As of right now we both have legal and physical custody of our 5 year old, but court is in august. what are the chances of him getting full custody when all he is doing is lying. Also my son got bit by my exs girlfriends dog when they were in california. My ex kept telling me he fell down at the park. When I did my response to his petion he finally came clean after two years that he indeed got bit by a dog, but he didn't tell me directly he just said I had to pay half of the hospital bill. He never told me he took him to the hospital or got bit by a dog. He violated a court order by not informing he took him out of state during this dog bit incident. I've been really stressed out I don't want to lose my son over his lies. He is the one that should not have anything more than some visitation (maybe even supervised) PLease help any advice will help Thank you !


Louise - posted on 07/11/2012




Unless your ex can prove child abuse he does not have a chance in hell of taking your son. A judge will not tear apart a mother and child and siblings just for the hell of it. Normally children stay with their mothers unless there is evidence of abuse, alcohol or drugs or neglect. I strongly doubt that the judge will order you to get a job with three small children either, you would be paying out more in childcare than you would be earning. I strongly suggest you get legal advice and representation in court as it sounds like he is. I know it is expensive but it will put an end to all this nastiness in trying to split a family up. If you think your son is affected by his fathers bedroom antics then I would press for supervised visits until he can provide the child with his own bedroom. I think a judge would be more than happy to apply this condition.

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Brianna - posted on 07/11/2012




maybe u son or his theopist can tell the court about the sex being had in front of him im sure all judges will be very upset by that. just make sure u got the best lawyer u can afford good luck

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