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Samantha - posted on 01/03/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




It seems like ever since i had my daughter me and my boyfriend have been fighting non stop. He was laid off not too long after i went back to work so he is home all the time, im sure thats some of the stress. The other is he is constantly blaming me for not having sex with him and that im bleeding all the time. Ok YES i dont have sex as often but for one im exhausted and two after working all day then working when i get home im just not in the mood. The whole bleeding thing well idk how to explain that. I have a normal monthly period. Im just not sure what to do anymore.
He has some drinking issues as well which also puts a damper in our relationship; i mean who wants to sleep with someone who smells like liquor all the time. This gives me some trust issues idk anymore when hes sober or when hes been drinking. I feel that im the one who constantly starts the fight because i feel he trys to get rid of his problems with the alcohol. i need some advice on what to do to control my anger towards him so we can be a family again if there is any hope left.


Kristy Lee - posted on 01/03/2011




when you get angry with him, try taking the baby for a walk or a drive. when you come home, try talking to him, if he starts yelling, calmly ask him to stop yelling in front of the baby. yes being home all day with the baby may be stressful to him, but someone has to bring money into teh house and if he isnt working, then i guess that person has to be you, maybe talk to him, give him the choice to go back to work while you stay home with the baby or even talk about putting the baby into day care so you can both work. yelling in front of children is not good for them later in life. if your partner is drinking heavily, there may be an underlying problem that he is having trouble with, try asking him why he drinks so much. as for teh bleeding, if you are bleeding more tehn normal, you may hav to go see your doctor about it. sorry i cant be more help, hope this helps a little

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